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SGL 6″ Dimmable LED Downlight, Retrofit LED Recessed Lighting Fixture, LED Ceiling Light Review


Traditional radiant lights have been a part of every house for like centuries  but proved to be expensive and incompetent. Traditional bulbs produce a lot of heat and burns your pocket as well by consuming excessive amount of electricity.But, this SGL 6″ Dimmable LED Downlight,can change your life forever. These LED lights light up as traditional lights but they work better,have a long life and most importantly cost effective.

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Now you should stop worrying about changing bulbs of your house  everytime it fuses or spending a large amount of your salary on electricity bills. These LEDs have an irresistible reason to substitute energy inefficient burning traditional lights with them. These LEDs signify how something as ordinary as lighting can have an intense effect on  a person’s life. These are the LEDs people have been waiting for to lighten their home with – Lights which uses fragment of electricity, lasts longer and at a price affordable by people.

Product’s General Features:

These bunch of small LED lights  create a good ambiance in your home and meets your everyday needs as well. It is easy to use, safe and enviornment friendly. The product is approved  by energy star saves upto 87% of the electricity bill.Presence of white die cast baffle trim makes installation very easy and fast without requiring other tools.You can install them in tents, cars, wardrobes, bars, cabinets as they perfectly suit your commercial as well as residential construction. A 100w bulb can be replaced with 13w Led emitting crystalline white light intensifying the ambience with glaring impression. They hardly produce any heat as a normal bulb does, reducing the chances of burning your fixtures. The lifespan of these lights is 36,000 hours long. To avoid flickering at the time of dimming it is advised to use with dimmers.Sillicon-controlled dimmers are most recommended. So brighten your home as well as life with the lights which are long lasting,energy efficient and also pays for itself  and then pays you for years to come.These LED lights are available at affordable price. You would definitely want these lights in your home. These lights can be used in partys or on any special occasion. These lights really make your home look stylish.

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Other Important Features:

 Product’s specifications


Easy to Install

The device is very easy to Install.You don’t require any tool for the installation. You don’t need to be a technician to install these lights.

Power Saver

The product saves lots of electricity and makes your home energy efficient. These lights definitely help you to cut down your electricity bills expenses.

Lower Heat Production

Compared toIncandescent and other traditional forms of light, these Leds produce negligible heat.

Long Lasting

The product has a lifespan of  over 36,000 hours.


Not Affordable by every household

Though the these lights are cost effective but  are quite costlier than traditional bulbs.

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

The customers who have used these LED lights have given a positive response. The average rating awarded by customers is 4.5 starts out of 5. People found these lights more stylish than ordinary lamp or traditional forms of lights. Customers say that this product is affordable and energy efficient. It also takes very less time to install the product. It hardly take some time to install them.According to the reviews, customers after installing these LEDs have experienced a huge difference in their bills as well as in light effects. Though sometimes there have been cases of buzzing sound coming out of these lights but it is not the case with every piece.Once you use it you would want it everywhere in your house. So lighten up your home with these dimmable LED lights.

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