Amir Motion Sensor Light, Cordless Battery-Powered LED Night Light

Happens so many times that you forget to switch OFF the kitchens or staircase light open. No? Extra bills, loss of energy unnecessarily and how can we miss elder person’s scolding. Wouldn’t it be great if you have a gadget that turns itself OFF when you aren’t present nearly? Yes, definitely. The pleasure doubles if the gadget can be fitted almost everywhere. If these are the cases with you too, then you have been directed here for a reason. 3 pieces Motion Sensor Light can help you lessen your worries and troubles mentioned above because it has got inbuilt features that matches ‘should have’ list of almost everyone’s. click here to view.

General Features

Amir Motion Sensor LightQuality believer or give more emphasis on cost? Which category do you fit in? Be it any, this product is everybody’s want as well as need as it comes in the modest rate when its features are given a thorough look. Not weighing more than 0.3 ounces, it is a 3-piece small sized light that can be fitted anywhere. It occupies an area of about 3.6×3.6 with an uplift of 1.5 inches. This modern-styled white colored light is made up of plastic with a Voltage-Wattage value of 1.5 volts- 0.4 watts. It shows sensitivity to motion within 10 feet distance.


  • It has got Automatic Sensor feature, which means that it can detect your presence and glow by its own and turn itself OFF within 20 seconds after you leave. Satisfying, no?
  • We can simply put it on any wall with the help of provided 3M tape that is double sided. No nuts, no hammers, no electrician, simply pull the tape off and stick it where you want. This feature is responsible for its easy installation.
  • The product contains a built-in super magnet, so if you don’t want to go with the tape and the surface is of metal, then this is surely going to impress you.

Additional Features

  • It is built carefully enough to make sure that it makes your room look beautiful, be it a matter of light or its attractive body design.
  • It operates within the temperature range of -20 degree-40 degree C, with 120 degrees being its range of sensing your presence.
  • It has got LED bulbs inside that are 6 LED. LED bulb’s presence makes this device more durable (50,000 hours or even more), cost cutting, and also helps in saving power.
  • With 3 LED lights sensitive to motion, it creates enough light to brighten up certain space, that isn’t distracting.
  • It works on 3 pieces of AAA batteries that aren’t included when shipped.
  • It is detachable easily and you can easily carry them too.


  • It can be installed very easily. Either tear off the double sided strong tape or use the inbuilt magnets to fix them. This is all you have to do.
  • It can be used in places like staircases and kitchens where you don’t need that bright light, cutting the value of electricity’s bill and adding convenience to your routine too.
  • Made of LED bright lights, they are highly efficient, power saving, and nature-friendly too as no radiations are emitted out.
  • Comes with sensor feature, no offense but this can be used as an anti-theft gadget too.
  • Comes in the modest price range.
  • They can even be easily carried with you in a bag when you are willing to go on an outing at night. Have camped at night? This product isn’t something that you should miss.
  • It makes your house look beautiful at night as well as during the day. By its attractive body design at day and by its comforting light during night time.


  • It doesn’t come with batteries when shipped. The product would have been more compatible if they were.
  • Doesn’t gives much bright light so cannot be used for brightening big rooms or halls.
  • Usage of the tape provided can rip your wall off.

Customer’s Reviews and Conclusion

The product has been rated 4.5 stars out of 5 by the verified customers that speaks well enough about its quality and success to satisfy the customers. Durable, efficient, can be installed easily, power saving and what not. All features in a single product, Whoa!


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