WeMo Light Switch, Wi‐Fi Enabled with Amazon Echo Review

 Introduction about WeMo Light Switch

Like smartphones everybody wants smart homes which makes life easier. To make home smart you need to think smart and buy smart products. With busy schedule we tend to come across small issues. Sometimes we don’t get time to eat food as we run out of the time or sometimes we forget to switch off the lights.Even sometimes we feel so tired that after coming, we just lie on bed and feel very lazy to switch off the lights. This a common issue with everyone.

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But what if one get to know that he/she can handle all the lights in home with just a single click that too while lie down on bed or sofa, and you don’t need to move a single inch.How cool that sounds? Isn’t It? Well, this all can get possible with the help WeMo light Switch which is enabled with Wi‐Fi. This is a very handy and time saving product. You can arrange the lights to turn on or off frequently to become get energy efficient or even set a schedule for all the rooms as and when necessary. The decorative light switch simply replaces your existing wall switch and also serves as a night light if desired Click here for information about the product.

Product’s General Features:

 Now you can manage your lights without being anywhere in or even near your house, or set up rules for time‐specific operation.This Wi‐fi enabled light switch lets you turn on or turn off lights from anywhere

with the help of smarthphones or tablets. This is the coolest feature of this product. The switch uses Wi‐Fi network to give access of lights. To Access the light switch from Smartphone or tablet you just need to download the WeMo app from Google play store or Apple app store.. The system in the product is very easy home automation system to configure. This light switch is the simple way to make your house smarter and more efficient. Amazon Echo which comes seperately lets you control devices plugged into Switch using just your voice. You can Turn on the study lamp from garden or turn it off from the kitchen.

Other Important Features:

  • User‐friendly and pocket friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Runs with any smartphone or tablet supporting Android 4.0 or higher or ios 5.0 or higher
  • Sync with Amazon Echo for voice command
  • Receive personalized notification by setting up schedules
  • Need a neutral wire
  • Control as much or as little of your home as you want to
  • You can add additional WEMO Switches easily, any time.

Product’s specifications

  •  Warranty ‐ 1 year
  • OS Compatibility – Android/ios
  • Colour Category – White
  • Plugs into any regular 120v wall outlet

Time Saver

This product is a real time saver. You can turn on or off electronic appliances from anywhere.

Easy to carry

The product is easy to carry in your pockets, It hardly needs any space.

Easy to Install

The device is very easy to Install. You just have to download WeMo app from google store, plug the switch into socket and then connect it through your smart phone using Wi‐fi network.

Energy Saver

The product saves lots of electricity and makes your home energy efficient.


 Amazon Echo Functioning:

Sometimes the product doesn’t function well with amazon echo

Connectivity Issue:

Sometimes error occurs while connecting the switch with WeMo app.

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

 The customers who bought this product have recommended it highly. This product is getting sold very rapidly in the market. Customers says that the product is very user friendly and saves lots of electricity.

It also takes very less time to configure the product. This product is really worth buying. This is a must have product in yor home to cut down your electricity charges. You would feel, life has just got bit easier with the help of this amazing power saving light switch.

Customers are liking the features of this products and are very happy to have it in their home as they can take charge of their all the electrical appliances from single place.

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Susan Roe

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