Travelrest – Ultimate Travel Pillow

Introduction about Travelrest – Ultimate Travel Pillow

Travelrest is ultimately one of the best pillows which provide rest to the upper body while in sleep and when relaxing. It keeps neck and shoulders in a natural alignment. It can be easily used in airplanes, cars, buses trains and even wheelchairs. It is an excellent source of comfort. It is known to be one of the most comfortable pillows which can be easily carried while travelling around for a comfortable journey.

Specifications of a Travelrest pillow:

  • This pillow is available in four colors
  • Green
  • Navy blue
  • Maroon
  • Grey
  • It is available for $29.95.
  • Travel rest pillow has no shipping charges.
  • It is the only pillow which can provide full lateral support.
  • This pillow can be easily inflated and deflated in seconds.

Best Features:

  • Travel rest pillow can be used with seats of any kind while travelling.
  • It can be easily adjusted with seats of any car, bus and airplane due to its special designing.
  • It can be used without seats if needed.
  • It is durable.
  • It is highly comfortable.
  • This pillow has a light weight and can be easily carried along.

Most interesting features about travel rest pillow:

One of the most interesting and probably best features about travel rest pillow is that it can be adjusted to any seat while you are having a flight or a road trip. To make your journey comfortable it is one of the best pillows to be used. Both adults and children can use it easily. It can be easily used while travelling because of its light weight. Support and comfort are the best features which a travel rest pillow can provide to its users. When deflated it can be easily rolled up and packed again.

Who needs travel rest pillow and why?

People having neck, shoulder and back pain can use a travel rest pillow. It is the best thing to be used while travelling. Side sleepers can also use this pillow for a comfortable sleep. The unique design of this pillow provides a good support to your neck and upper body providing exquisite comfort that a normal pillow cannot provide. It is soft which provides a good comfort.

Pros and Cons of travel rest pillow:


  • Travel rest pillow is an excellent source to reduce upper body pain.
  • It is highly durable.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It can be easily carried while travelling due to its inflation and deflation feature.
  • This pillow is extremely supportive for use in travelling.
  • It has no shipping charges.
  • It has an affordable cost.
  • It can be easily inflated and deflated.
  • The pillow carries a pamphlet which consists of details about a number of ways in which you can use this pillow according to your need.
  • While travelling it keeps the head from falling forward.
  • It is so designed that it prevents tension and neck stress.


  • It is not easily available in Asia.
  • It is not available every time.
  • Shipping can take long time.

Customers’ feedback:

More than 96% reviews of customers’ available online are positive. Due to its excellent features people love to use it. It provides the users with many benefits even when they are travelling. Many customers enjoy the use of this pillow due to its softness and durability. People having pain in their neck and shoulders enjoy their journey by the use of travel rest pillow. People can have a comfortable sleep and they wake up with no neck or shoulder pain. This pillow firmly supports your upper body keeping it in a natural alignment. It is rated as a four star product out of five stars.


Travel rest pillows are known to be as one of the best pillows to be used while travelling for a comfortable and easy journey. The pillow can be easily inflated and deflated according to your comfort zone. The process of inflation and deflation takes no effort and is not even time consuming. After deflation it can be easily folded and put into small bags or purses. It is a really useful product to be used while travelling and this product combine with cat feeder will make your journey become perfect with your cat, click here to see best automatic cat feeder

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