Torchstar 18W 6inch LED Retrofit Recessed Lighting Fixture Review

Introduction about Torchstar 18W 6inch LED Retrofit Recessed Lighting Fixture

 Craze for beautiful interior designs increased a lot these days. Builders are also giving huge importance to interior furniture including the lighting arrangements. Till some years back this culture was only observed in premium houses and luxurious apartments but now, those who want to buy houses in economical range also looking for houses with good interior. Some house owners are giving much importance to interior while renovating their houses. Those who don’t care much about interior during construction can patch that up with interior lighting effects.

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Lighting effects play a key role in the making the interior look better and those who are feeling bad because of not focusing much on interior during construction can consult an expert interior designer and change the interior lighting settings as per his suggestions and you will see entirely new house.  In interior lighting, ceiling lights play a key role and it is better to prefer products from famous and reliable brands like Torchstar.

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 Product’s general features

This one is simple in terms of design but it is highly efficient that heavily advertised décor LED lights, lantern style designs, waterproof hanging lights etc. Just replace ordinary incandescent bulbs with this fixture and you will surely experience a radical change in the whole environment. It is equally suitable for residential and commercial applications. You can even pair it with dimmers if you want to control the intensity and brightness of light.


Other important features of Torchstar LED Retrofit Recessed Lighting Fixture

Easy installation:

DIY installation. Installing this 18W 6inch LED retrofit fixture is very simple and you need not to be an electrician to fix this. Follow the given instructions carefully and be careful while dealing with spring systems as they are super strong.

True colors:

If you are using incandescent bulbs it is highly impossible to experience true colors. But with CFL or LED lights you can experience true hue and color shades and the lighting experience is very much similar to natural light.

Top rated product:

This product meets the standards set by UL and you need not to worry about its performance. In terms of energy efficiency also this one scores good marks and your power bills will also get reduced drastically after you start using these bulbs.

Low maintenance

As the light spreads evenly in all directions you don’t need to switch ON two or more lights in a single room. As this one keeps the wiring inside the ceiling the changes of damage are very less.


  • Light uniformly spreads in all directions.
  • Low power consumption and higher efficiency.
  • UL classified and got best ratings for efficient energy consumption also.
  • Easy fixing and you can install this LED retrofit in place of regular halogen/incandescent lights.
  • Simple design to offer true color experience.
  • Dimmable.
  • Long lasting compared to incandescent bulbs.
  • You won’t need hundreds of dollars to order it and comparatively cheap.


  • Not much suitable for outdoor use.
  • Holder springs quality can be better.
  • Not so trendy design.

Customer’s review and conclusion:

It is always better to prefer CFL bulbs or LEDs compared to incandescent bulbs because of low power consumption. They are highly energy efficient and the heat dissipation is low. Using CFL bulbs or LEDs indirectly results in lower carbon emissions which mean that you are indirectly helping in making the planet greener. CFL bulbs and LEDs offer more pleasant and brighter lighting than incandescent bulbs and try to replace all the incandescent bulbs in your house with LEDs and this surely saves lot of money for you.

All the buyers who brought his product are extremely happy with this LED fixture. Frankly, none of the buyers showed interest in buying single Torchstar 18W 6inch LED Retrofit Recessed Lighting Fixture retrofit fixture and almost all the buyers bought a pack which contains 4 similar LED light fixtures. Except a two star review, all the buyers posted positive reviews and gave four star and above ratings. The average rating of this product on amazon.com is 4.6 and this shows how much buyers liked this product. Blindly order this product and you will be surely delighted after seeing its performance.

Susan Roe

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