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The Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on the stomach is one of the most popular options for males and females alike. As comfy as sleeping on the stomach can be, it provides a few hazards that you ought to be aware of in order to avoid several annoying health issues and chronic discomfort that can last all day.

Our List Of The Best Pillows For Stomach Sleepers, evaluations have Customer Reports And Untimate Buying Guide

Resting on the stomach can cause lower back pain, pinched nerves in the shoulders & neck, and daily pain that radiates all the way down to the buttocks & legs. Some of the health issues that beset stomach sleepers consist of heartburn & indigestion. It surprises some people to understand that almost all of the problems caused by stomach sleeping can be alleviated by selecting the best pillow for stomach sleeper. Proper support can help avoid back pain, muscle cramps & nerve damage, and take the pressure off of the digestive system as you sleep.

The Top 5 Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

We have chosen 5 of the best stomach sleeper pillows for you to to think about. They’ll help you contentedly sleep the entire night without the need to constantly move positions to maintain a comfortable position, and wake up feeling refreshed instead of in discomfort & tired. Stomach sleepers have different needs than that of a side or back sleeper. Stomach sleeper pillows have a a various profile, while still providing the great support a back or side sleeper get. We’ll list the advantages & disadvantages of each pillow below to help you make the best option and get the sleep you need to live much better and be more productive.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover by Coop Home Product

[easyazon_infoblock align=”none” identifier=”B00EINBSEW” locale=”US” tag=”″] This pillow has lots of great functions for stomach sleepers. It is inner core is memory foam, however instead of a solid slab of foam, the inner chamber of this pillow is filled with shredded foam. Shredded foam enables you to mold the pillow, shape it & twist it to fit your body any method you feel most comfy while still getting the advantages of the springy support. Another benefit of this stomach sleeper pillow is that the case is made of environmentally friendly, breathable, hypoallergenic bamboo fabric.
Both the bamboo cover & the memory foam interior of the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow are dust mite resistant & consist of anti-bacterial & microbial attributes that make resting more comfortable & healthier. It’s available in both queen & king sizes to match your requirements. The Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is a conventional thickness, but the shredded foam enables you to position it at the best height for your comfort level. Other great features of the Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow consist of:

While shredded memory foam cores can be lumpy at times and need extra fluffing to keep them comfy, they offer lots of wonderful benefits as a stomach sleeper pillow. They enable you to thin out the profile or fluff it up as needed to support your neck & back as you rest, and they move with you during the night if you like to shift positions while you rest.

Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow by DC Labs (Advised)

While all stomach sleepers need to think about a thinner pillow than exactly what standard memory foam or cotton filled pillows provide, the ultra slim design of this stomach sleeper pillow is best for those who really want a thin profile. If you like to put your arm underneath your pillow as you lay on your stomach, this pillow will let you sleep conveniently & still not raise your head up too high & push you out of alignment with your spine.[easyazon_infoblock align=”none” identifier=”B012BADRZG” locale=”US” tag=”″]

The Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam pillow provides a firm core that keeps its shape no matter how frequently you move about during the night. Other attributes of this comfy stomach sleeper pillow include:

Due to the fact that memory foam cradles the head & neck in a safe custom-fitted mold, even a very thin pillow like this can offer terrific support for the neck, shoulders & back.

This pillow may not be thick enough for some people to sleep easily. It’s a good idea to measure the distance between the mattress & your head when kept at a level height with your shoulders to see just how much thickness you need. The difference between slim & ultra slim designs like these first 2 pillows is commonly just an inch, but that is a big difference to your back if you’re not in the right position when you’re sleeping.

Slim Sleeper Memory Foam by DC Labs

[easyazon_infoblock align=”none” identifier=”B012B6ZYYM” locale=”US” tag=”″]

When looking for a good stomach sleeper pillow you need a slim profile that doesn’t lift your head too high. In order to keep your spine’s alignment straight as you sleep, the pillow should allow your head to remain at the proper angle. If your pillow is too thick it will cause your back to arch as you sleep. No matter what position your face is in on the pillow, to the side or downward, a thick pillow will pinch nerves in the neck, cause your shoulders to tense up and leave you feeling miserable when you wake up.

The Slim Sleeper Memory Foam pillow by DC Labs is the perfect size for sleeping on the stomach, and still gives you plenty of firm support due to the hypoallergenic memory foam inside. Some other great attributes of this pillow include:

The Pancake Pillow by Pancake Pillow

[easyazon_infoblock align=”none” identifier=”B00OM0YH6W” locale=”US” tag=”″]

This is the ultimate stomach sleeper pillow for people who want to get the perfect fit and also be able to customize the fit for guests or other family members who use the pillow. Instead of a single core pad, the inner chamber of the pancake pillow is made up of six soft, luxurious microfiber sections that can be added or removed as needed to obtain the perfect sleeping position. Attractive aspects of the pancake stomach sleeper pillow include:

The one drawback to this pillow is that it isn’t a memory foam pad in each layer, but the microfiber also provides a solid support system that has the added attribute of being cooler. The fact that this pillow can be used by other family members makes it a good choice when buying pillows for the whole household.

Extra Soft Down Pillow by Exceptional Sheets

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If you love down pillows by still want a great stomach sleeper pillow, the Extra Soft Down Pillow by Exceptional Sheets will be a great choice. It has a luxurious filling made of genuine white goose down, and is completely manufactured in the USA. Even though this pillow looks thick, and like it would be too high for a stomach sleeper, the soothing down filling is pliable and allows you to position your head perfectly with your spine. The entire pillow is washable and dryable for easy maintenance and it comes in two great sizes, standard and queen, to match your needs. Features of the Extra Soft Down Pillow include:

This is a soft and soothing pillow, but the down filling may be too soft for some stomach sleepers. If you want a firmer support system, memory foam is the better choice. However, if you love to sink into a luxurious pillow and want one that you can easily mold to your body in other positions, the Soft Down Pillow is an excellent choice.[td_smart_list_end]

Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

When choosing the best pillow for stomach sleepers, you need to consider shape, material and cost to determine which will work best for you. Since the majority of stomach sleeper pillows are thin and made to give you the best angle for your back and neck, the main consideration is the material used to create the core of the pillow.

Stomach Sleeper Pillow Materials

There are several types of stomach sleeper pillows. The main difference is the material the core part of the pillow is made of. You can choose from memory foam, shredded memory foam, gel or water filled, microbead and fiber padding. All of these styles of stomach pillows offer advantages. The right material will depend largely on your own personal preferences and needs.

Brand Recognition and Warranties

You might think that brand names don’t matter, but when it comes to stomach sleeper pillows, the reputation of the manufacturer can make a huge difference. Companies that specialize in support pillows such as DC Labs, Coop Home Goods and Pancake Pillows, are dedicated to creating top-quality pillows that will perform the way you need them to, and give you the best value. A company with a strong reputation will also care about their customer service and your satisfaction. A strong company will be easy to contact if there are any issues, or if you have a question regarding your pillow, and offer reasonable guarantees so you can be sure that you will be happy with your purchase.

Who Needs a Stomach Sleeper Pillow?

Children are often stomach sleepers, and it is important to make sure they are still maintaining a good nighttime spine and neck position to ensure their health. Adults can use stomach sleeper pillows to either support their heads when lying on their bellies at night, but also to cradle their backs or stomach in other positions. A properly proportioned and designed stomach sleeper pillow can also help people who snore while on their stomachs to avoid health issues associated with breathing difficulties at night.

Pregnant women also need added support of a good stomach sleeper pillow during the night, even if they do not sleep directly on their stomachs. Pregnancy can be a difficult time for women who normally sleep on their stomachs. It isn’t comfortable to lie directly on their bellies while pregnant, but they don’t like being on their sides or back, and sleeping on the back especially can be difficult and painful for a pregnant woman. Stomach sleeper pillows help support the sides so that pregnant women can lie at an angle that most resembles stomach sleeping and the added support underneath them both cradles the belly and also keeps them from rolling fully onto their stomachs during the night.


It just takes a little time and thought to decide on the right pillow for your needs. The time spent will be well worth the effort in allowing you to experience the best night’s sleep possible. All of the pillows listed above are excellent choices for stomach sleepers, and give you a broad variety of choices so you can decide on what is right for your style of sleeping and comfort level.

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