Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow Reviews

Introduction about Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow

A good night’s sleep is very important. It is through sleep that the body recharges, rebuilds cells and tissues and gets ready for the day ahead. Sleep is vital to a person’s everyday life that it is very important to use the best pillow which will provide a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. One of the most recently launched products is the Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow from DC Labs. This pillow is marketed as high quality memory foam designed for all kinds of sleepers: side, back and stomach sleepers alike. It is said to reduce body pain and to support pressure points to provide a relaxing sleep. This review will reveal what the Slim Sleeper features are and why it is getting great responses from customers online.

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Specification of Slim Sleeper Memory Foam

The Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow is designed to provide support for side, back and stomach sleepers and those that are suffering from sleeping issues. It has the following features:

  • Is 3 inches thick
  • Made from soft, high quality material similar to memory foam and latex
  • With washable cotton cover
  • Flat pillow with regular sides and edges
  • Antimicrobial, antibacterial and hypoallergenic
  • Bed bug proof
  • Reduces pressure on pressure points of the body

General Features

There are a number of features but the most common are the following.

  • Ideal for side, back and stomach sleepers since it is not shaped or formed. It is specially-designed to reduce pressure points and to facilitate a relaxing and very comfortable sleep.
  • It is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and bug-resistant. It is an ideal pillow for people with allergies and asthma.
  • It has a soft cotton cover that adds to the softness of the pillow
  • It is made of a latex and memory foam material which makes it stronger and more conforming than other popular types of pillows.
  • It is only three inches thick making it easier and more comfortable to use

Best and Most Interesting Qualities

These are the most appealing qualities that Amazon customers found in using the Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow. These qualities were also mentioned by customers who left a review for the product and have provided their specific ratings.

  • This is a well-designed flat pillow that eases shoulder, back and neck pain. It does not have an unusual design, deep grooves and large flaps to tilt the head or place the neck in an awkward and painful position. It reduces pain and will never cause any kind of discomfort.
  • It is an ideal pillow for people with allergies since it is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. A lot of people need to use special pillow covers and even plastic bags to cover their pillows to reduce the risk of allergies. The Slim Sleeper is hypoallergenic on its own; you do not need to wrap it in plastic or use special pillow cases at all.
  • It is bug-proof; users can be rest assured that this pillow is bed bug free. Although bed bugs are more likely to stay on the bed mattress, pillows could still harbor bugs and parasites. The Slim Sleeper is designed to resist bugs and provide a safe and comfortable sleep to the user.
  • This product is affordable and economical. It is has a lot of features providing great value for users’ money.
  • There is a limited stock for this product and is not available in all countries. Interested users should purchase ASAP before supplies are gone from online shopping sites like Amazon.

Who need the Slim Sleeper Memory Foam?

The Slim Sleeper Memory Foam pillow is the best pillow for people who have had no luck trying gadgets, alternative treatments and even medications to reduce body and neck pain associated with sleeping. Its flat design and regular shape will be suitable in reducing back, neck and shoulder pains. It naturally cradles the head, neck and shoulder area for a naturally-comfortable sleep.

It is also the ideal pillow for people with allergies. It is a complete waste of time looking for a comfortable yet allergen-free pillow. Most pillows that claim to be hypoallergenic are either too soft or too hard which may not be very comfortable for the user. The Slim Sleeper offers an adequate amount of comfort while providing hypoallergenic features.

This pillow is also for people who would like to use a therapeutic pillow to reduce body aches and pains without changing their sleeping position. Most pillows that offer relief from body pains are either designed awkwardly or are too tough or hard which makes it too uncomfortable to use.

Finally, the pillow is for those looking for a quality product that is efficient and durable. It is only 3 inches thick and made of memory foam and latex which means it provides comfort without changing its form or shape even when used regularly day after day.

Pros and Cons of Slim Sleeper Memory Foam

Here are some of the advantages and the disadvantages of using the Slim Sleeper Memory Foam by DC Labs. People who are interested in purchasing the Slim Sleeper should shop smart and check out the pros and cons before they make their purchase.


  • It is perfect for people with allergies because it is hypoallergenic. It is an ideal pillow for those that have sensitive skin because it has antibacterial and anti-microbial properties. It can also be used by young children and people who are ill.
  • It is an ideal pillow for all types of sleepers. Since it is a flat pillow made from quality memory foam and latex, it works for back, side and stomach sleepers.
  • It is flat and is just 3 inches thick. Users will never feel any kind of fatigue or aches when using the pillow under the neck, behind the back and shoulders. The pillow’s simple yet efficient design makes it a popular choice among people with chronic body aches and pains.
  • The pillow is just 3 inches thick and therefore it works for those that suffer from neck pain and shoulder pain. It is recommended for any body types and can work for people with large frames and petite frames. A three-inch thick pillow is just enough to provide support that cradles the neck, head and shoulders.
  • It is one of the most economical therapeutic pillows in the market and it is readily available in the Internet. The price is not too expensive either and in fact a lot of users found the Slim Sleeper a reasonably-priced.


  • Slim Sleeper may be affordable but it is not available in actual stores. Those that wish to purchase it in a home accessories store or department store may only be able to purchase it online. This is not a convenient way to shop for someone who wants to use the pillow now.
  • Slim Sleeper is not a regular-sized pillow. It is slightly smaller than the usual regular pillow 20 x 26 inches or a standard 20 x 28 inches. It therefore has limited uses.
  • There is no optional material for the cover. Customers will have to deal with cotton cover and only a white color cover to use. There are no other size options too which means this is a one-size fits all pillow to use.

There are no value shopping deals for the product. There are no options to buy two or three for couples and for families.

Amazon Customer Service

There are 101 Amazon customers that have purchased the Slim Sleeper and have left a review on the shopping site. The pillow has gathered an average of 4 ½ out of 5 stars. Around 81% of the customers that have left a review agreed that the product deserved a 5-star rating because they felt comfortable in using the pillow. One user even said that it was unlike other memory foam pillows because it was softer and definitely more comfortable. Still others that gave it a five star rating said that the pillow was unusually thin but was nevertheless comfortable. Most even agreed that they had the best sleep of their lives using the Slim Sleeper and it did not matter if they slept on their back, side or stomach.

Users that have rated this pillow a two to four star rating (4% to 6%) agreed that the pillow was comfortable but was not the thickness that they were looking for. Some were not satisfied with the size of the pillow and would rather use a regular-sized one. Users that have rated it a low 2 (2%) said that it was too hard for them to use and was uncomfortable.

Finally, 3% of users that gave a review said that the pillow did not work for them at all and were completely unsatisfied with the product. There was actually a customer that returned the pillow because it was too hard to use considering that the customer was a stomach sleeper.

Amazon Customer Score

This is one of the best pillows that are highly demanded by customers for their superb uses, multiple features and benefits. This pillow has gained hight score on Amazon, while its features, specifications and benefits attract users.

customer Feedback


The reviews were conclusive that the Slim Sleeper is not just comfortable but was also the right pillow for all types of sleepers. Based on the large percentage of customers that have provided a five out of five rating for the product, there was no doubt that the pillow worked and it is also a pillow that would reduce body aches and pains no matter what position that the sleeper has.

Amazon reviews for the Slim Sleeper also showed that the pillow has a small percentage of people that were not satisfied with the product. It could prove that users have different preferences when it comes to the thickness of the pillow, level of comfort and the preferences when it comes to the number of pillows when sleeping. It also shows that even a quality product such as the Slim Sleeper by DC Labs will not be able to please all types of users but it was able to provide what it promises to a large percentage of consumers.

How to use this pillow

The Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow by DC Labs is used just like any other night time pillow. It can be placed under the head, along the side of the body for side sleepers and those who wish to support their side and also along the side of the head for people who would like adequate head and neck support as they lie on their sides. It does not have grooves, flaps or unusually-shaped sides so users can simply use it the way they want and anytime of the day they wish.

In case the Slim Sleeper becomes soiled or dirty, the user simply removes the pillow cover and wash on a regular machine. The cotton cover is easy to clean, wash and dry. In case the pillow itself gets soiled, it may be machine washed and dried too. It may also be dried under the sun.


It is recommended that people who are suffering from body aches and pains start using a smart therapeutic pillow such as the Slim Sleeper during bedtime. It is a pillow that is also recommended for all types of sleepers and will also work for users of all ages (infants and young children must not use this product without supervision of an adult). This pillow has gathered a high rating from Amazon consumer reviews because it stands to its promise of providing relief for pain and a good night’s sleep for the user as well. It is economical and affordable. It may not be available from local stores or supermarkets and may only be available for purchase online but it is definitely worth the wait.

The Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow from DC Labs will retain its size and shape no matter how often it is used. It also has a removable, easy to clean and maintain cover. The pillow may not have the standard or regular dimensions of a bedtime pillow but it serves its purpose. It is recommended and trusted product by Amazon customer buyers and users.


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