OxyLED N30 LED Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor Review

Introduction about OxyLED N30 LED Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor

Whether you want to keep your baby soothed at night or want to keep a balance between enough light to move in the night time and too much light to keep you awake, the night lights are always there to fulfil these mentioned necessities and help you to extend your décor. This OxyLED N30 is a light sensing LED night light which eradicates a soft light and will give your bedroom, kitchen, children’s room, hallway etc. an innumerable ambience.

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General Features

This OxyLED N30 emits soft white blue light on its own at night or in low light conditions. This is best for indoor places and let you to create a glamorous halo effect. Moreover, for our young lazy generation it’s like a perfect gift, as there is no need to push any buttons or to give your fingertips any kind of work, you just have to set the lighting mode and it will in return automatically illuminate the place. the product dimensions are 3.8×3.1×3.1 inches and it weighs 4.8 ounces. It has sensors that works automatically .it is safe for indoor uses and for children, make this product worthy for customer’s attention.

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Significant features

  • It works automatically, making the product highly convenient to use.
  • It is wireless, and these LED lights draws minimal power (0.5 W to 1.5 W), that is going to give a much required rest to your pocket.
  • It is safe for use at home and around children, gives a tension free mind to parents of small kids
  • The best part is that it assures customers 12-month replacement warranty and lifetime support guarantee. After reading this who is going to miss the chance to get it?.no one, obviously.
  • It has built-in light sensors that auto illuminates at night and turn off at dawn. really unique, no?
  • It consists of two brightness levels, energy saving and motion sensing LEDs and an off mode, makes this product eligible to put in your buying list.
  • No batteries are required I this night lights, what else you want?


  • Consumes very less power ;0.5 W/1.5 Every customer must be happy reading this.
  • Input voltage is AC 110-220V.
  • Lifespan is 50000 hours; it is obviously a long time period.


  • Saves energy bills that help you to balance your budget and economy.
  • It is very easy to install, moreover no batteries are required and works automatically, really the perfect thing to buy.
  • It responds within 24 hours and gives a life time support, makes the product very reliable and apprehensible.
  • It is going to enhance your home décor, safe for indoor use.
  • Comes with a modest price with such a large number of prominent and noticeable features.
  • It is very much effective and prevent from many injuries that may take place during night time, children friendly; safer for them as well give them a calm and peaceful sleep.
  • One of its best part includes that it is environment friendly.



  • The light sensor is too sensitive as sometimes it continues to glow even in the morning when sun rises.
  • Overheating may be possible some time, creates disappointment among customers.
  • A little bit brighter, and sensor sometimes doesn’t work properly cause inconvenient and irritation among users.

Customer’s review and conclusion

This OxyLED N30 LED Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor has got 4.7 out of 5 stars with review from 186 customers with 93% customers giving the product appreciable feedback and as a result making the product Amazon best seller in LED lighting. the reason you should buy it is not just one or two, it has got many. this product has versatile features, it is the best option for the customers who are looking for perfect night lights, in spite of some cons, the number of pros is really large. The product has many incredible features as it is environment friendly, safe for the children and going to give your home a pleasant and elegant look. There is no need to think twice, just grab the product before it slips, make this product yours by adding it cart. Go to the product by clicking here

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