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Silchef Professional Silicone Baking Mat – Non Stick Heat Resistant Liners for Cookie Sheets Review

Introduction about Silchef Professional Silicone Baking Mat- Non Stick Heat Resistant Liners for Cookie Sheets

Ever since childhood, baking cakes and cookies have remained a fantasy for most of the food lovers. The dough the moisture the sweetness and the flavours added all add to the thrills of baking but with every cook lays the fear of baked product sticking around and not releasing from the baking tray easily. The fitness pro life style has added the load of oil free, cooking too, and it makes baking a tough job. Not anymore. Because we have now – Silchef Professional Silicone Baking Mat Set of 3 – 2 x Standard Half Sheet, 1 x Toaster Oven – Non Stick Heat Resistant Liners for Cookie Sheets.

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General Features:

 The product comes in vibrant colours and two available shapes. One set of these mats consists of three baking mats, two large USA Half Sheet Sizes 16.5″ x 11 6/8 and ONE Small Toaster Oven size 11.5″ x 8.5″. The vibrant colours add the glory to your designer kitchen and kitchen wares. Environment friendly and the offer of an eBook make the product more interesting.

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Other Important Features:

Product’s Specifications:


Brightens up kitchen:

The modern kitchen has been kept in mind and the colours have been so chosen to add glamour to kitchen and fun to baking.

Low price:

The special offer price is exciting and tempting to buy the product and the best part is it’s not just two but three mats put together in a pack.

No risk purchase:

The product comes with a money back feature guaranteed. If you do not like the product or if you are not satisfied with the product you get a full refund on your purchase.

Odourless unique feature:

The product is odourless and won’t retain the previously baked flavours in the fresh ones this is a unique feature to rely on.

Two sizes:

The idea of combining two sized mats in one pack is worth an applaud, because you might need a smaller version of the mat at times and rest the large ones are always there.

The freebee:

The purchase of this mat set offers another exciting gift for the love of cooking. An eBook, for the joy of baking amazing cookies and enjoying them is offered.

Measurement tape style:

The product comes with a measuring tape design at one edge and this definitely helps in aligning the bake product properly and cut in desired sizes if needs be.


The silicone mats are not suitable to be placed directly onto a grill or on the bottom of the oven the risk of overheating persists, user needs to be careful not to do these kind of mistake.

Customer’s review and conclusions:

A five start rating by the users and happy faces after using the magic sheet for baking is seen. They say that the maintenance and use is quite easy and is beyond expectation. The users and customers have all shown positive vibes after using this and it is a sign of product good ness. The three sheets makes work easy and faster as you do not have to wait for the previous sheet to be emptied and cooled and ready to be used again. Some happy customers have gifted the product to their moms and aunts adding smiles and blessings to their family bliss. The eBook gift is been loved by many happy customers and it gives the best use of the mats.

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