LEDago, LED Desk Lamp with 3 Lighting Modes Review

Introduction about LEDago, LED Desk Lamp with 3 Lighting Modes

LEDago is presenting a unique desk lamp with multiple features. Desk Lamp is need of everyone indulged in any kind of writing work. Students to business professional everybody requires desk lamp. This desk lamp has three lighting modes which saves energy and conveniently adjustable according to requirement.  The cold, natural and warm are different modes with 5 level adjustable Brightness extremely soft for eyes. It has multiple angels mainly provides light in full range without radiation and foldable design is an extra added factor.

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Power Adaptor with USB Port makes it attachable to other devices for quick charge, 5V USB IN is provided for comfort. It can easily bend on 0 to 180 degrees. Color Temperature Comparison from 6600K-2700K. The Spectrograms Comparisondelivers specific mode as cold light gives sufficient light for work, natural light is soothing for eyes and warm specifies the need of bright light. The Brightness Comparison also provided by the company for special ambiance. Touch pad is embedded with temperature mode selector, power on/off and brightness up-down.

General features:

There are enormous features in this product; with that company is providing 12 months warranty and lifetime technical support. This unobtrusive lamp is capable of satisfying your needs. The flexibility and foldable feature makes it remarkably durable. Brightness adjustability is undoubtedly blessing for eyes. Touch sensibility makes it more efficient. Even, optimal use an extra factor added to the features.

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Other Important Features:

  • Relaxing and sufficient light with three different modes(Cold, Natural, Warm)
  • 5-Level Brightness attached with all three modes enhance the ambiance
  • Touch Pad makes it button free and run automatically on senses
  • 0 to 180 degrees flexible bending
  • LEDago 5W LED Desktop Lamp, USB power adapter, user manual

Product Specification:

  • Brand- DaGou
  • Only 1.6 pounds in weigh
  • Material: Crystal, Metal, Faux Wood, Bamboo, Wood, Plastic, Ceramic, Glass, Resin
  • Consumes 5Volts
  • Downlight direction
  • Toggle Switch style


  • Amazing product: This desk lamp can be used in various ways to light-up the environment. It provides enough light to move around easily. Reading and writing with other desk works can be done conveniently due to magnificent glow of three adjustable lighting modes. The flexibility is unmatched even it can be easily carried. The maintenance is very easy with cooperative technical team.
  • Easy connectivity: USB cable makes it connected to most of the devices and makes it more reliable. The users appreciate it, because the light is available whenever you need.
  • Long life and durable: This is a durable product with long life, if maintained properly. The product is affordable and material is long lasting.


Every good thing comes with a slight imperfection. The touch pad doesn’t glow which gives a small discomfort to users. Sometimes when need the light to turn on in dark without its glow make the task difficult? Touch pad should have a glowing feature to complete it.

Customer’s Review and Conclusion:

The customers who have used this desk lamp are very happy with its performance and recommended it others. The product has all the qualities inbuilt and it satisfies the need of lighting ambiance according to desire. It is available on affordable price, even customers defined it value for money product. The teachers recommended it to their students due to its quality. The flexibility makes it useful for architects as they have huge area to cover on their desks. The material used in its manufacturing gives assurance of long life and same the company promise their customers by providing 12 month warranty and lifelong technical support. The use of vary material has not affected its weigh, only 1.6 pounds. All in all it’s a value for money product for those who are indulged in reading and writing works even undoubtedly useful for everyone.

Desk Lamps are those appliances which are must needed in each and every home. The desk lamps are good gift for childrenas it gives them convenience for studying any time. A design liked by all age people, its sleek shape is liked by most of teenagers. All the users of desk lamp gave it thumbs up. The three different setting provides you dim or brighten each one. It works as it is advertised, nothing is hidden even no such fault has been recorded by any user. Click here to buy the product.

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