LED Two Head Emergency Light With Battery Back-Up White Review

Introduction about LED Two Head Emergency Light

So much accustomed we have become to bright light that a switch brightens up not only our room but also elevates our mind, our mood, our life. The impact of bright light is immense on our life. But here’s summer, knocking at our doors, which results in heavy consumption of electricity and frequent intervals of load-shading. Even if it is for a few minutes, these occasional power-cuts disturb life. Here’s a perfect solution to this problem- LED Two Head Emergency Light With Battery Back Up White.

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Yes, you have got it right. It is an LED Serving as an emergency light. It offers the same benefits of any other LED light, in fact more. It is a combination of the excellence of an LED with a hassle free automatic battery.

General Features:

LED two head emergency light has a long life. It gives a very bright light due to the powerful combination of three– LED light, metalized chrome plate serving as reflector and polycarbonate lens ensuring maximum light distribution. It is hassle free, maintenance free.  Rechargeable and automatic NiCd battery is capable of illuminating your room for a minimum of one and a half hour. The LED head is also adjustable with a centre-to-centre spacing. It is suitable for surface & wall mount.

Other important features:

  • Dual voltage 120V or 277V
  • NiCd battery, fully automatic and rechargeable
  • Battery is fully automatic with two-rate charger which initiates the recharging of the discharged battery within one day.
  • LED lights give very bright light white in colour
  • Adjustable head with centre-to-centre spacing
  • Possesses both back plate and conduit mount knockout for mounting on walls and ceiling.
  • Internal battery is automatically connected to the LED lamp by internal solid-state transfer to illuminate at a stretch for at least one and a half hour.
  • LED is housed in a white thermoplastic. It is 5VA flame retardant, high-impact, engineering-grade and injected-molded thermoplastic.

Product’s specifications:

  • Product dimensions – 12X4.9X4.2 inches
  • Weight -1.6 pounds
  • 5 years warranty
  • Battery is prorated for five years
  • Battery comes disconnected with the unit to avoid any drainage of the same.


Excellent Illumination:

This emergency light comes with ultra-bright LEDs radiating bright white light. It has a combination of an excellent metalized chrome-plated reflector and a polycarbonate lens which ensures maximum light distribution. The lamp-head is also adjustable with centre-to-centre spacing. A fully charged battery lightens -and-brightens up your room to a minimum of 90 minutes.
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Long life:

This one feature makes LED emergency lights stand out among all the other varieties of lights available in the market. If you use an LED light for about 8hours per day, it will need a replacement after 20 years. It also doesn’t go out of use just like any other ordinary light which stops working completely after a certain period of time. LED lights simply become less bright over a prolonged use.

Energy efficiency:

LED lights have the reputation of being the best energy saver light. Its energy efficiency is about 80-90% i.e. LED converts 80%of the energy into light energy and 10-20% energy is lost. In case of the other conventional lights, the scenario is completely opposite. So, it is capable of making the most of its battery.

Eco-friendly lighting system:

LED emergency light doesn’t discharge any harmful chemicals. Besides, they are 100% recyclable. Any other ordinary fluorescent bulb discharge contains harmful chemicals like mercury which is discharged into our atmosphere. If we compare their lives, we can come to a conclusion that one LED is capable to replace 25 fluorescent bulbs which is also beneficial for our greener future.

Little to Zero Emission of UV rays:

LEDs radiate very negligible amount of Infrared rays and UV radiation is almost nil.

Easy mounting:

It is suitable for mounting on both ceiling and wall as it possesses a quick-connect back plate for surface mounting and conduit mount knockout for ceiling-mount. 


Fully rechargeable. Fully automatic.


LED lights are quite more expensive than the conventional lighting system.
LED lights may change in colour after prolonged use or overheating.
LED light’s performance depends largely on the temperature of the atmosphere. LEDs require a very good heat-sinking system to function properly. Device may fail if exposed to prolonged overheating.

Customer reviews and conclusion:

This product is highly recommended by its customers. It has a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 ,reviewed by 168 customers. Although it comes with high price yet very few customers mentioned it because the whole lot of benefits it offers outshines the price issue. They are extremely pleased with its quick and easy installation and almost every customer has mentioned this feature. The bright white light has also satisfied them very much.
This is a must need in every home, being a very handy home appliance. It is product worthy of your money. Click here to buy it on amazon!

Susan Roe

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