Hallomall’s portable work light Review

Introduction about Hallomall’s portable work light

An emergency light unite is universally required equipment for outdoor work, night out or camping. Work lights are a familiar form of emergency light which are specially designed to provide sufficient lighting on work sites. It comes in various size, shapes, capacity and types of bulbs to provide lighting. There are so many factors which need to be considered before buying work lights, such as what is the use of products and how much amount of ambient illumination you want.
Hallomall’s portable work lights offer advantages, such as battery operated, easy to carry, can be used for camping etc. Portable bright work light offers bright LED work light for outdoor work, camping, SOS signals and spotlight. It also comes with usb ports so that it could charge mobile and pda devices.

General Features:

Hallomall’s portable work light is a solution for many needs such as spot light, outdoor light, SOS light or power banks. Comes from a trusted manufacturing house Hallomall, this product delivers a unique experience to its buyers. This is remarkably useful and brighter, light weight and handy. With 20 inbuilt LED bulbs it illuminates so well and can rotate in 360 degree angle. This is easily be a part of your outdoor camping, picnic and holidays; even in indoor use it can make a entire room bright.

Other Important Features:

  • Loaded with 24 LED bulbs with 1800 lumens flux and consumes maximum 15 watts.
  • Built in rechargeable battery.
  • USB ports for charging mobile and PDA device.
  • Lamp is rotatable within 360 degree angle.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.

Product’s Specifications:

  • Maximum power consumption of LEDs are 15 watts.
  • Can work between 110-240v.
  • 24pcs of LEDs have output 1800 lumens maximum.
  • Can produce colors temp up to 6000k.
  • USB ports produce 5V on 1A current.
  • Input is 4.2V 350MAH (DC)
  • IPX 5 level waterproofing.
  • 2 mode switch.
  • Three light modes; low, strobe, high.


Working fabulously as indoor lighting unit:

24 high quality LED bulbs, produce illumination up to 1600 lumens. In case of emergency or power cut it could use.

Handy and easy to carry for outing:

Loaded with many qualities like Aluminium alloy shell, light weight and water resistive, this is one of  the best outdoor light available in the market.

Can also used as a power bank in case of emergency:

With built in USB ports it can be used as a power bank to charging up mobile or PDA devices. It produces 5V current on 1A for better compatibility with most of the mobile devices.

Option to use as a roadside emergency gear:

4pcs of red and blue LEDs make this device great for giving roadside signals in case of emergency.

Easy to replace or getting refund:

Hallomall is offering a easy replacement or return for this product in case of faulty item received or non satisfaction.

Functional as a spot light:

This product also featured a function which is spot light. No need to buy a separate spot light, just have this one and you are all set.


Lake of content in user manual:

The so called user manual comes with this product so not have anything which could really help you. It is tough to figure out all the function and also how to use those functions. Seller should provide a specific brochure with all the required information to overcome this situation.

Only battery powered:

Yes! this product is only battery powered and in case of indoor use it does not allow to direct electricity consumption.

Customer’s Reviews and Conclusion:

Hallomall’s portable work light received well from the users, almost 68 percent users find it useful, handy, easy to use and fit for outdoor works and outing. This is a remarkable products serve decently for your needs. Fit for almost every kind of emergency. LEDs are good and made with superior quality materials.

This is a great product and will defiantly serve you long. Great pick for any outing lover who is used to of camping and picnics.

Susan Roe

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