Guanya F118 Desk Lamp Review

Introduction about Guanya F118 Desk Lamp

With no doubts, lighting used in a house makes the viewers judge about their profile. With different types to lighting we fulfil our requirements differently. Different needs, different functions needed, different lighting used. For example, there is no way out that we will use a lighting of high intensity in a garage or store rooms or on our study tables.

With the lowest amount of light needed when you are up on a study table you also have to make sure that the light is warm as well as even and doesn’t flickers. If these are your requirements too then you are now almost there. This Guanya F118 LED Lamp has come up with the most amazing features filling all the blanks of above stated problems.


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General Description

This Guanya product imported right from China is just a 2.6 pounds weighing lamp with a base diameter of 7.9 inches. It doesn’t take much part of your desk as it has got dimensions of 7.9×13.5×14.1 inches (height× length × width). It is strong enough as it is built by ABS plastic and metal, with black coloured outer body giving it a matte finish. Itsmovable arm is made up of aluminium adding beauty and shine to the already present flexibility. Its Voltage-Wattage value is 24Volts- 8 Watts. Basically, it in all in one combo; so many significant features present in a single lamp.

Additional features

  • One of its most attractive feature is that it is built to give it a folding design. Lamp head that is ultra-thin can easily be adjusted along with the aluminium metal rod. This makes this lamp very convenient as it doesn’t take much space and can be fully a dusted in a given space.
  • Not only it’s packing – unpacking feature is unique but also its arm can be adjusted to direct the light in the direction you want.
  • It also comes with memory Function that means that when you will turn it ON it will provide you with the brightness that would be of your own personal choice.
  • It is very sensitive to touch. With design that is humanized enough, you can easily select the brightness level of the total 7 options making its operation very simple.


  • It used 35 LED lamp beads that has specification of about 2835 count that makes the light illuminated by it of higher quality providing much needed brightness.
  • Comes in 5 colours (Black Blue Green Gold Silver). These colours are fashionable enough and also soothes our eye.
  • As it is made up of LED lights of highest quality it doesn’t flickers and gives even toned warm light taking proper care of eyes too.
  • Itsaverage life is of about 50,000 hours that means that you don’t have to give frequent visits to shops.
  • It also comes with 7-level dimmer entirely touch sensitive.
  • It is made for indoor use and runs when connected to the power cord by USB cable provided.


  • It is highly efficient and has a long gadget life, that would cut down your electricity bill value also reducing your frequent visits to shops.
  • As it is made up of LEDS, it is durable, have high flammability value, and is eco-friendly too as no harmful radiations are emitted.
  • It doesn’t irritate your eyes as it doesn’t give ghost lighting and no UV rays are present in the beams of light.
  • It comes with great features like memory function and 7-level brightness feature.
  • Easy to use and comes in modest price range.


  • USB can create small problems sometimes, like it can make the light flicker.
  • No more cones have been reported yet expect the fact that it isn’t allowing other LED desk lamps to take its place.

Customer’s Review and Conclusion

Tremendously, Guanya F118 desk lamp has been rated 5 out of 5 stars by its fully satisfied verified buyers. With positivity of reviews going up to 100%, this product is flawless and efficient. With features less common and available at modest rate, it is being sold at a good rate. So, if you are in a search of a perfect desk lamp then get this perfectionist by clicking here

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