Daydreamer Neck Pillow Reviews – Pillow for Travelling

Daydreamer Neck Pillow – Luxuriously Soft Inflatable Travel Pillow for Sleeping on Airplane, Car, Train and Bus

If you are among those who need to travel day and night or every weekend to their workplace in another state, then you must know how important it is to have a travel pillow which provides comfort and rest making sure that you are at your very best when you reach the desired destination. How can a travel pillow ensure the best physical activity? The ergonomic design and the material along with few other features help in making it the key to best performance for many travelers.  Daydreamer neck pillow in this regard is renowned for the amazing comfort and support it provides.

Specification of the Daydreamer neck pillow:

This travel pillow is made with the most suitable material which helps in resting your head and neck without disturbing the alignment between them. It makes things easy for you as it is really easy to carry. The specifications and main features of this product are given below:

  • It is made up of micro velvet which is soft and gentle in nature
  • Inflatable travel neck pillow
  • Light in weight (No foam inside)
  • Designed to support your neck
  • Cheap, high quality and user-friendly product
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General features of neck pillow:

The main use of a neck pillow is to rest while travelling. What if you get neck pain or a cramped neck once you reach your destination? Your time there would definitely be ruined and you’ll be unable to deliver your best, right? This is why Daydreamer neck pillow comes with the following features to avoid such incidents:

  • It comes with an air-push button through which you can inflate and deflate it
  • Batteries aren’t required
  • Best suited for both long and short travels
  • Dimensions: 11” x 11” x 3.5”
  • Available in grey and other colors
  • Soft and comfortable velvet
  • Carrying pouch provided with the neck pillow

Best and most interesting qualities:

Customers so far have supported Daydreamer neck pillow with their positive response. The most interesting qualities of this great pillow are:

Provides relaxation at a great price:

The traveler who buys this neck pillow can relax both physically and mentally. Physically because of the self-explanatory ergonomic design and mentally because of the cheap price and the trouble free inflation mechanism it offers.

Easy to clean:

It is easy to remove the microfiber velvet cover of the neck pillow, wash it and reuse it for a long time.

Who needs a neck pillow and when?

Neck pillows are used by those who have a routine which requires travelling. Either it’s a trip for recreational purpose or any work meeting, Daydreamer neck pillow provides maximum comfort and sound sleep. If you are worried of drooling over the person next to your seat, use this pillow to avoid it. Even those who have to wait in their cars for a long time can use it to relax.

Pros and cons of a neck pillow:


  • Its inflation mechanism is ruled by an air push button instead of unsanitary mouth valves
  • Light in weight, easy to pack and carry
  • Designed to ensure maximum proper alignment


  • Some users faced air leakage issue

Customer score:

This is one of those products which have received nearly 5 out of 5 stars by every user who has left behind his response. 90 % of the users are satisfied with its quality and the function that it fulfills by delivering support and comfort while travelling.

Summary of customer’s review:

The customers speak highly of this product and wish to take it along with them whenever they travel. The easy to clean and carry it feature which allows the neck pillow to attach with a purse or luggage through the carabiner clip is most appealing.

How to install a neck pillow?

Take out the Daydreamer neck pillow from the carrying pouch and open the air valve. Use the air push button to inflate it. It takes a maximum of 70 quick pushes to inflate fully. Now it’s your job to adjust it according to your preferences. You can do this by inflating or deflating the neck pillow through the button on the air valve.


Different U and J-shaped neck pillows have been introduced in the market but Daydreamer neck pillow with its soft, comfortable, affordable and easy to handle inflatable mechanism is among the best ones available for use.

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