Ciata LED red exit sign with emergency light with inbuilt battery backup Review

Introduction about Ciata LED red exit sign with emergency light with inbuilt battery backup

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is replacing almost every kind of lights and bulbs these days. It provides lighting solution for every kind of needs also offers very reasonable electricity consumption and high illumination rate. Also it is very cheap technology as compare to other high capacity light such as plasmas and halogens.

Ciata LED red exit sign with emergency light is a product which offers unique solution for need of emergency light or decorative sign. It is quite impressive and delivers a good amount of light so that it could be used as a serious sign board of humorous decorative wall hanging. Inbuilt LED are long lasting, energy efficient and ready to use just after delivery.

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General Features:

Ciata LED red exit sign with emergency light is manufactured with high quality material which assured the durability of this product. Batteries are good and efficient and last up to 90 minutes in case of emergency after a single charge. Installation instructions are easy and do not need any kind of expertise so that anybody can fix it wherever required without any hassle. Internal solid state switch connect lights to batteries automatically when it requires.

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Other Important Features:

  • LEDs are well manufactured and long lasting.
  • A unique bi color LED light indicator alerts battery indication.
  • Inbuilt two rate charger initiates charging process automatically in case of need.
  • EZ-snap mounting made with thermoplastic provides top or end mount.
  • Suitable for Door, walls and staircase.
  • Easily mountable on many kind of surfaces.

Product’s Specifications:

  • 90 minutes minimum emergency illumination
  • Dimension is 12.1 inch x 7.8 inch x 2.7 inch
  • Weight is around 2.4 pounds ( 1.1 kg)
  • Switch style is push type button.
  • High quality plastic used as material.
  • 120v/277 dual voltage standard.
  • 5 watts LEDs for low power consumption.
  • 6V Nickel cadmium battery.


Quality material:

Material used in this Red Exit Sign & Emergency Light Combo is quite impressive and high quality. Plastic of both sign board and emergency light do not seem cheap or bad from any point of view. As compare to other cheap competitors, Ciata made this light is defiantly higher and worth the spent money.

LEDs quality:

Unlike fluorescent sigh boards which last only for few month, LED is more advance and has a life span which consider in years moreover LED consumes much lesser power and delivers the same amount of illumination what fluorescent does.

Auto switch on in emergency:

An internal switch automatically connects battery to lights and sign boards in case of emergency. So do not need to worry about making the light on for indication. It will do that itself.

Easy to mount:

Ez-snap mounting solution made with thermoplastic provides easy solution for mounting this unit on any type of surface.

Handy and easy to carry:

Total weight of whole combo is just about 2.4 pounds which is quite light and easy to carry. You can easily transfer it from one place to another without any fear of broken bulbs, Thanks to LED.

Available in two varieties:

Theses sign board is available in Green and Red colors so that it could be bought as per requirement.


The only con with this product is that some rewires are complaining about low illuminating emergency light but we did not experienced such kind of issue, may be they have recived a faulty product and did not bother to replace that.

Customer’s Reviews and Conclusion:

Ciata LED red exit sign with emergency light combo is definately a great pick either as a decorative item or a emergency sign board. That is why more than 85 percent buyers are concordant with my words and have given 5 star rating to this product. Even though there are some complains about faulty emergency lights but this is just a coincidence which could be solved with simple replacement.

On a final note that the product is a worth for money and a sincere picking we are completing this review.

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Susan Roe

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