CamelBak Groove .6L Water Bottle Review

Introduction about CamelBak Groove .6L Water Bottle

Won’t it be great if you have a handy water bottle that has a good storage capacity and also comes with additional features like inbuilt filtration unit? Well it’s none less than a wonder to have a water bottle with this feature. Because only it will help you if someday you don’t have any water source proving you clean drinking water.

With its specialised features this Camelbak groove product has come up with filtering unit inbuilt within it that makes it a life saver in no – clean water situations. All you have to do to solve your problem is buy this product and have this as an additional lifeline.

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General features of CamelBak Groove .6L Water Bottle

This Camelbak groove water bottle is available in graphite colour that will perfectly suit your backpacks or kits. It is very easy to handle and maintain as it is build with an idea of elegance and simplicity. Weighing only 4 ounces it is small sized with dimensions of 9.8×3×3 inches. Small sized, compact and easy to use, this is what you asked for, no? It is proudly build in China and is available for shipping in all areas outside the US. It has storage capacity of 20 ounces that is 5 times of its own weight. Summing up it is a water bottle that has a filter in it built as straw.


  • It is BPA-FREE, 100 percent and converts tap water into fresh drinking water totally free from chemicals such as iodine, and other water contaminants responsible for making soft water hard.
  • The straw which plays the role of filter is totally plant based, and has water capacity of about 180 L which can easily last for 3 months when used to its maximum.
  • It is made up of BPA-FREE Tritan copolyester of Eastman which makes this water bottle durable, clear, vibration and safe when dishwashers are used to clean it.

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Additional features

  • It has a desired hydration capacity of value around 20 oz. Per 6 litre of water.
  • Not only it’s body but it’s cap is also very durable and safe from dishwashers as it is made up of polypropylene that is also 100 percent free from BPA.
  •  For its ability to reduce the chlorine, odor and taste from water, it is proudly certified by NSF international, which is an internationally known and independent testing agency.
  • It is made up of silicon that is totally medical graded so no after effect are observed when the bottle is used.
  • You can store in it hot water too, though not boiling water as the maximum temperature that is critical for its proper functioning is 100 degrees of Fahrenheit.
  • You can also use this bottle in an environment with low pressure and high altitude. Because pressure and altitude is never a problem.


  • It is totally microwave safe which means that it can be used to warm up liquid. Though it’s cap is not so you need to take care.
  • It is handy and of convenient size so that you can use it without any trouble.
  • It is best for filtering tap water. That means, if someday your water filter isn’t working, all you have to do is fill it with water and sip water out from it. Simple, right?
  • It has a wide temperature range, from 30 to 100 Fahrenheit which means be it hot water or cold water, it works with all.
  • It is very durable and made up of material which makes it strong enough to save it from breakage.
  • It has no after taste, which means that you don’t have to drink water with unpleasant plastic taste within


  • It is not recommended for children of age less than 5 years.
  • It doesn’t works good with boiling water.
  • When used to store liquids like juice, what you get when you sip in is just unsavory water.

Customer’s reviews and conclusion

 This product has been rated 4.3 stars out of 5 by its verified and satisfied buyers. Being a CamelBak product, it comes with NSF logo that assumes us about its satisfying performance. Being very durable and of high quality it never fails to impress its buyers. For further details, click here.

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