Best gopro Accessories (Mounts, Pole) Review

The American made line of action cameras became popular worldwide for manufacturing remarkable kits and tools for cameras. The best video and picture quality for firms of film production, professional athletes and individuals are guaranteed and powerful. The third-party accessories with compatible, easier to use and durable mounts have raised eyebrows of many photographers and videographers in all over the world. These accessories are fun to use in different environments, boost the Go Pro Cameras versatility and provide outstanding results as well. Many of the accessories and products of Go Pro Mounts are highly in demand due to their durability.

Why Go Pro Mounts?

There are many reasons to use Camera Accessories by Go Pro. The unique style, durability, efficient performance and superb designs of each accessory make it worth buying. There is a difference in features and video photo quality due to having distinctive characteristics. There are various camera accessories available at inexpensive prices. Many other rival firms also offer good quality mounts but fail to sell them at competitive prices. There is a guarantee of good enough video and photo quality provided by these accessories. All of the camera accessories have been made by using high quality parts and advanced technology.

How to choose the best product?

It is true that you might struggle to capture footage that that does your action-packed adventure without right grips, filters and mounts. It is great to have action cameras for the outstanding video and photo results. Choosing a best mount for your camera can work as icing on a cake. The Mounts and Accessories provided by Go Pro come with a large variety. The best suggestion to make a right choice is to make a list of tasks that you perform using your camera. By knowing all of your needs, you would be able to know which accessory and mount are best for you.

When do we need the Go Pro Mounts?

These days, the different events, occasions and parties require good photographs and videos. People want that photos and videos should look appealing and attractive. Therefore, the best cameras are used for it. However, many of us can’t buy expensive cameras with high quality. Therefore, the mounts and accessories play important role to provide excellent photos and videos. The accessories and mounts are used in international tours, high-key events, parties, weddings, camping and for many purposes. Once you buy any accessory by Go Pro, you must be able use it properly and it would definitely add more life to your photos and videos.

The best Go Pro Mounts of the year 2016

10. EEEKit Accessories Starter Kit

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An advanced accessory startup kit for GoPro containing a well-designed chest, sturdy self pole, head strap and durable car mount is EEEKit. It is designed for the cameras version of 1,2,3 and 3+. A variety of activities including travelling, hiking and swimming with these durable and comfortable accessories. You can record everyday video blogs during the camping with the extension pole on offer. The other hand supports hands free recording on underwater and land environments with the chest strap and harness.

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9.XSOURCE Set Kit 8 in 1 Go Pro Mounts

[easyazon_infoblock align=”right” identifier=”B00JNJLGFC” locale=”US” tag=”″]A set of eight high performance accessories of cameras by Go Pro recommended for daily use is XSOURCE Set Kit 8 in 1 Go Pro Mounts. There is a comfortable chest and head strap available with each purchase. A series of joints and screws that ease use and setup can be gained through a suction of cup for securing cameras on uneven surfaces. The reputable internet stores sell this kit with brand-new tools made that is attainable cheap made with heavy-duty nylon, plastic and metal.

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8. Generic Accessory Kit

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A kit that is based on 33 accessories and suitable for GoPro HERO2, GoPro HERO3 and GoPro HERO3+ is known as Generic Accessory Kit. It has a well-packaged design, highly functional, high quality and affordable accessories. Without cluttering spaces, it eases storage and transportation. The other additional items are available with it. These are vented helmet strap mount which supports usage of hands free, a three-way adjustable pivot arm tripod mount and a durable bicycle handlebar camp. A head strap, chest harness mount and a seat post clamp are also available with this kit. The additional items are valuable that make these 33 accessories easy to use. The photographers as well as videographers would find it an ideal choice for detailed images and longer videos.

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7. Wareway Photo Video Professional Monopod or Selfie Stick

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Do you want an Advanced GoPro Monopod that can be used to shoot professional grade aerial shots? Or do you want a perfect Selfie Stick as a professional videographer? There is an advanced GoPro Monopod that doubles as a stick of selfie stick known as Wareway Photo Video Professional Monopod. It has an advanced remote control shutter for capturing videos and images from a remote area which is durable and works with all GoPro Cameras. It has a rotating clamp of 180 degrees, works with many brands of smartphones and affordable product as well.

It has a wrist strap, non-slip foam handle and several orientations. This Monopod is perfect for the highly professional photographers and videographers. If you’re a beginner in photography’s profession, you may find the use of all 33 accessories difficult to understand. It somehow requires a proper training. However, the beginners can also use it after following the instruction guide available with the product.

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6. GOBUDi GoPro- Compatible Selfie Stick Mount Pole

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An advanced GoPro Compatible Mount Pole and Selfie Stick with extendable and light design for those that like shooting selfies and outdoor videos for TV Productions and blogs is known as GOBUDi GoPro Compatible Selfie Stick Mount Pole. It has a rust and waterproof design which is best for outdoor use which offer valuable services for years and sturdy design with stylish blue theme.

a rubber handle that stays comfortable for long with adjustable and secured camera that gives dynamic underwater and land filming is used by getting a wrist strap that secure pole firmly on hand. For the easier storage, GOBUDi is affordable and never collapses. You must have one year warranty for amount and selfie stick. It looks like a simple selfie stick but provide excellent results by using from long distances. The price of this product is also affordable and reasonable. All the attached parts with this selfie stick mount pole which is compatible with many cameras.

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5. ATian 360-Degree Rec-Mount Clip

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a handy and light clip for securing GoPro HERO3+, GoPro HERO3 and GoPro HERO2 cameras on hats is ATian 360-degree Rec-Mount Clip. It has an ergonomic and comfortable design with the novel 360 degrees rotating design and versatility which never requires many skills of use. The high-performance hat mount clip is affordable that values a priority and best for those who has cash a concern.

This simply designed product is durable and easy to use with the high quality plastic. The specialty of this product is no use of hands for it. All you need to do is to fix it on the camera and simply rotate it for capturing great images and videos. The ease of use is commendable and reviews of people about this product are very positive. The overwhelming response of users about this product shows it’s worth and value for the customers.

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4. WI-FI Mounting Kit for GoPro

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An advanced everyday kit consists of a remote attachment strap with premium size is Wi-Fi kit for GoPro. It has a cure adhesive mount that boosts the functionality of GoPro Cameras with a quick release mount system. It has a functional lanyard, a remote cradle and flat adhesive mount that is best for capturing photos and footages from longer distances. The valuable and well-built components of this kit enhances the features of different cameras by GoPro. This product is economical and best for photographers that capture aerial shots. The quality of all accessories in this kit is ideal and best for the users.

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3. GoPro Tripod Mount

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This single-sized tripod mount is a dark-themed premium grade accessory that is compatible with all GoPro cameras is a GoPro Tripod Mount. It is one of the best GoPro Mounts of the year 2015. It is ideal, portable and light for everyday trip. A durable corrosion and rust resistant with quick release system that eases setup build for working perfectly in outdoors. It is durable and works for longer span. This mount is perfect to be used in the external areas to capture amazing images and videos in the day time. There is no need to use other kits and accessories if you are using this mount for personal use. The regular campers and tourists should use this Tripod Mount to get perfectly captured photos and videos.

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2. ATian Chest Hraness, Head Strap Mount and Monopod Tripod Adapter

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The best accessories that are compatible with all the GoPro cameras based on Chest Harness, Head Strap Mount and Monopod Tripod Adapter. It works well with several versions of innovative digital camera, made of the best quality materials and functional components. All the GoPro Cameras are compatible with these accessories including 1, 2, 3, 3+ and 4. To benefit individuals of various stature, the chest mount is properly adjustable.

The functionality and flexibility of GoPro is improved with Monpod Adapter harness and comfortable head straps mount that gives guarantees of professional results. It is the best kit of accessories that provide excellent results of videos and photos captured. Many expert photographers and videographers suggest that one must have a properly trained to use these accessories.

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1.  GoPro Headstrap Mount + Quick Clip

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A well-known GoPro’s cameras accessory that with low profile and compact design that works well for professionals and invoices is Head strap Mount and Quick Clip. It is one of the best products for GoPro cameras used for instant capturing of photos. It allow users to capture quality footage, stays secured for long, works well with all GoPro models and comfortable. The major quality of this product is their use over head to capture photos. In this way, a photographer would be saved from handling camera wherever they go. The strap attached with the mount fixes properly with the head.

It allows users to capture photos and videos quickly. Many of the reviews of this Mount shows that customers have found it highly useful. It is the best product from many aspects if you want to avoid handling cameras everywhere you do. It is quite difficult to find head strap mounts with the same quality by other brands. This product the size accessories are offered by the manufacturers with this kit. It has endless applications and uses with must-have all for GoPro Lovers. all the cameras including HD HERO, HERO 2, HERO 3, HERO3+ and HERO 4. The price of this product is economical and it works really well to provide precise results.

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How to choose a best Mount for your Camera?

GoPro is expanding its line of action cameras and their accessories. It’s never been a busier time for you to use GoPro cameras and accessories. It is a common thing that you face a tough choice when it comes to choose the right camera for your needs with the range of expanded models over the past few years. Like Sony, Panasonic and TomTom, GoPro is also a competitive brand for cameras and related tools. You need to make sure you’ve the right camera for the job to get the one from plenty of accessories for the models of mounting systems. For choosing the right mount for GoPro Camera, you must consider the given points. Have a look at these points.

Features that fit your needs:

Apart from everything, specifications of a mounting system play vital role. Keep an eye on all the features and requirements of your camera. Once you get to know what features lack in your camera, it will be easier for you to pick a right mounting system. For instance, if you take most of the bigger shots from distant areas or aerial shots, you should use EEEKit Accessories Starter Kit. This set of camera features are used for capturing photos and videos from longer distances. It is also ideal to capture panoramic views with topnotch quality. All you need to do is to check what your camera actually requires.


Many of the brands offer mounting systems with similar features but distinctive prices. Therefore, a thorough research would help you to pick a best product by saving money as well. Sometimes, we prefer brand name over price. It isn’t a perfect move from yours side. Always, try to compare prices with features on internet.


Most of us don’t pay higher attention on the quality of internal parts as well as external look of the accessories for cameras. Remember, quality always last for longer. The high quality products made from goad materials are more durable than others with compromising quality. All in all, people who never focus on quality of mounts buy them more frequently than quality conscious buyers.


It’s true that you don’t need to be highly brand conscious. However, don’t low the standard of your choice too much by choosing a less-known or any newly-introduced brand in the market. Try to select a brand that fits all your needs that also have some reputation in the market. GoPro is undoubtedly a good brand that can be picked without any doubt. Therefore, it’s better to avoid new entrant brands in the market.

Online Reviews:

Many of the people don’t even know the power of internet for making perfect buying decisions. Numerous online forums are quite helpful to select the best product at best price. On these internet platforms, people share their personal experiences and let others know about different products. Therefore, you can get in-depth knowledge about the actual performance of any product that you’re going to buy. Instead of asking from the retailer (who always explain advantages), you should get familiar with the personal experiences of consumers.

Benefits of using Mounting systems and accessories for Cameras:

Many people enjoy photography to higher extent and prefer using effortless tools to get enhanced results (in photos and videos) from their cameras. By using accessories, a photographer get more angles to view and conveniences to capture eye-grabbing images. The people who’re master in photography always prefer using accessories for their cameras. Therefore, they become able to capture speechless photographs. GoPro is a famous brand that offer cameras and related accessories for the desired results in images and footages.

  • GoPro Camera Mounts and accessories come with the detailed user guide that highly assist users in a proper manner.
  • All the tools available in a kit come with the valuable usage. There won’t be any tool inside the kit that is of no use. Therefore, each accessory have its significant importance.
  • The brand is renowned and you don’t need to think multiple times before making it your first choice. The reviews of people regarding cameras and other accessories of this brand are positive. Therefore, you can buy their accessories without any doubt.
  • Each kit of accessories is based on a detailed list of specifications that also give suggestions about the suitable camera versions of GoPro. This shows that you won’t need to ask from any expert photographer for buying a toolkit. Everything is mentioned on the instruction guide about the suitable camera models with the accessories.
  • If you’ve never tried GoPro, you must switch to this brand. Because the users of this brand can’t switch to any other brand. It provides the value that customers actually want while capturing images and footages. The outclass features, options and quality of accessories make it convenient for the users to make numerous photos and videos. If you’re looking for camera that fits your need for longer span, you should prefer GoPro.
  • The accessories for cameras by GoPro always come with the packaging that keep the tools secured for longer. These are packed in a way to be used for many years and save you from changing constantly.

Our Choice:

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