5 Pack Ipow LED Battery-Powered Wireless Night Light Stick Tap Touch Lamp Light Review

Introduction about 5 Pack Ipow LED Battery

House lighting has become very important nowdays in order to give home a stylish look. We often come across particular area or corner in our home where we feel darkness even in day time. It some times get difficult to install switch and lights because of lack os space or some unusal structure. At night things look more difficult. Before the invention of generator and invertor people used to rely on candles for light during night time. Today also many people who cant afford to have invertor or generator rely on candles at night when electricity goes off.

But, now you should stop worrying even if you can not afford to buy invertor or generator, because Ipow LED Battery‐powered Wireless Night Light Stick Tap Touch Lamp has arrived to keep all your worries at bay. This is one of the cheapest product to lighten up your home and that too at very cheap cost, without burning hole in your wallet. This small lamp light can bring your night life brighntness and convenience. This also can help your children enjoy peaceful night sleep. Isn’t it cool?

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Product’s General Features:

 These bunch of small LED lights create a good ambiance in your home. These small wireless LED touch lamp lights are so powerful that you don’t need to switch on any other lamp or tubelight if you install them in your rooms. These lamp lights are made up of high material with great individual care and attention to details. It is easy to use, safe and enviornment friendly. When gently tap the night light, the soft light will fill your bedroom. You will be amazed after seeing visual effect created by these small lamp lights. These lamp lights can be used both indoor and outdoor. The best thing about these lights is that you can mount them on anysurface you want.You can install them in tents, cars, wardrobes, bars, cabinets or anywhere. They hardly take any space. Once you stick them at one place do not move them to another place otherwise the bottom of the light will lose stickness. The lifespan of these small lamp lights is 100000 hours long. You can ask anything better than this a t such a reasonable cost. You would definitely want these lights in your home.

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Other Important Features:

  •  User‐friendly and pocket friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Fashionable design and very lighweight
  • Power saving and long lasting
  • Gummuy strip to make installation very easy
  • Can be mounted on any surface
  • Wiring not required
  • Can be easily glued to metal, wood, plastic and more

Product’s specifications

  •  Brand: Ipow
  • Power by 3AAA batteries
  • LED Quantity : 5
  • Dimension of the product: 2.6


 Easy to carry

The product is easy to carry in your pockets, It hardly needs any space.

Easy to Install

The device is very easy to Install. You don’t require any wiring stuff for the installation. Peel out the tape at the bottom of the light amd mount it on the surface you want. How easy is that?

Power Saver

The product saves lots of electricity and makes your home energy efficient.

Very Cheap

This pack of 5 Led lamp lights is very very cheap. Anybody can buy this cheap product.


 3 AAA batteries

Each of these lamp light requires 3 AAA batteries which need to be bought seperately

One time use adhesive tape: Once you peel out the adhesive tape and mount on any surface, you can not re‐mount to another place as the tape lose its stickness

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

 The customers have given good reviews about this product. The average rating of this product is 4 starts out of 5. Customers are liking this product.. Customers says that this product is very easy to use and energy efficient. It also takes very less time to install the product. It hardly takes some seconds.. This is a must have product in yor home to slash your electricity bills. You would feel, life has just got bit easier with the help of this amazing power saving lamp lights.

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Susan Roe

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