200 Lumens Solar Wall Lights Review

Introduction about 200 Lumens Solar Wall Lights

It is not so long ago when everyone was totally dependent on mainstream electricity line for fulfilling needs like light, powering equipments and tools etc, but after the introduction of solar powered lights and equipments this dependency totally brooked. Solar lights are also getting to be idealized answer for lighting nowadays. It is perfect for indoor lights, open air lights, outdoor lights and spot lights. From a vast range of available solar powered LED lights there are so many products which could fulfil your need as per your prerequisites.

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Today we are reviewing a set of four solar powered spot light unit, a solution for your outdoor lighting and decoration. This set of spot lights can turn your path ways in to a very good looking path or can change your garden in to a perfect place for open space dinner parties.

General Features:

Manufactured with high quality material, this unit delivers so exquisite beams to illuminate an object or lighting the pathways. All these lights are loaded with best quality LEDs which consumes very less energy and light so bright. Inbuilt 18650 lithium battery has a capacity of 2200 mAH and can light up your outdoor for up to  8 hours in high light mode and up to 14 hours in low light mode. Easy to install and easy to transfer just place the spikes some other place or lose and tight the screws and you have all done to use this light.

Other Important Features:

  • Quality LEDs can deliver 200 lumens flux to bright up your outdoor.
  • Unit has a very bright colors temperature up to 6500 k.
  • Size of LEDs are small as compare to produced light it also consume very less amount of power.
  • Capacity of batteries is only 2200mAH but still it performs so well. Also take only 8 hours for fully charging itself.
  • 2 modes which you easily switch by a single button.

Product’s Specifications:

  • 5 watt solar panel, 5.5v
  • Charging takes up to 8 hours.
  • 2200mAH lithium battery, durable and long lasting.
  • Beams are adjustable and can use in two modes.
  • IP65 waterproof level.


Fulfils almost all outdoor lighting need:

This product performs well in almost every kind of outdoor lighting need, either it is decorative or lighting. 4 pieces can be set on the corners of pathways or can be fixed in garden for creating atmosphere for a romantic dinner.

 Easy to install:

These spot lights have very reasonable fitting process. It easily can be fixed and remove to change the location. Do not require any kind of special training or knowledge of electricity products.

Quality of LEDs:

Each set is loaded with four 10mm LED which could generate beams of 200 lumens flux and provided colors temperature of almost 6500K.

2 Modes for operating light:

These light have two modes to operation, one is high power mode and second one is low power, you can use any of that mode as per requirement.

Durable and long lasting:

Inbuilt batteries are so durable and long lasting have capacity of 2200 mAH which could light up spot light up to 8 to 14 hours as per applied mode.


Considerable cons which need to be mentioned here are batteries are only 2200mAH capability but it is managed very well by very less energy consuming LEDs, Also some consumers are clamming for faulty pieces but it also can be overcome by simply asking for replacement.

Customer’s Reviews and Bottom line:

This set of 4 solar energy powered LED spot light fulfils almost every requirement of outdoor lighting. It could light up your path ways, garden trees, canopy models and many things. Leaves exquisite impressions and can make you satisfied you in almost every aspects.

More than 51 % users who already used this products find this useful and up to mark as per on paper specification. Even though there are some complains of faulty lights but seller takes the responsibility of this and provided an easy replacement for same. Ultimately, this set of solar powered spot lights is surely a great pick and worthy buying.

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Susan Roe

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