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12W 6inch Directional Gimbal Recessed LED Downlight Review

Introduction about 12W 6inch Directional Gimbal Recessed LED Downlight

If you’re building a new home or office, you’ll need housings specifically designed for New Construction. If you’re replacing an old recessed light, or adding to an existing structure, you’ll need a Remodelling, or Old Construction, housing.
If you are constructing a new office or a new home, you will need housing lights specially manufactured and designed to make it look beautiful as well as provide it with a modern look. Who doesn’t want his/her house to look like that of 21st century?  With this retrofit recessed lighting fixture of LED down light you can easily use the very popular recessed light, also giving the beam of light different angles and elegance.

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 General features

What about LED down lights that can be made to change their angle and direction? This 6” 12 watts down light is designed in a retrofit and new matter which clearly makes it unique enough. This product is very light weighted, not more than 1.4 pounds. Occupying space of dimensions 8.4×7.6×3.9 inches, this LED downlight is small sized of about 6 inches. Do not let its small size dip you into inconvenience, it can easily be spotted sue to its perfect lighting and body design and texture. The 120 V LED light used in it has a luminous flux of about 800 lumens.

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Additional features



Customer’s Review and conclusion

This product has been rated stars out of 5 by its satisfied and verified users. This means that it isn’t a thing not to be tried. Want a beautiful and efficient downlight? And can change its angle too? If yes, Click here and redirect yourself to this amazing product.

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