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Turkish 26 years old hacker sentenced to 334 years in jail

A 26 years old hacker has been given a sentence of 135 years in jail by a Turkish court. Previously he was handed 199 years in prison in 2013, and all of this sees him facing 334 years in prison.

Although he had allegations of “mass bank fraud”, but yesterday Onur Kopçak was convicted of just obtaining 11 credit card details and selling them.

Kopçak is already in prison and was convicted for stealing 43 sets of credit card details in 2013 along with 11 other hackers. The authorities obtained the credit card details by recreating bank websites and getting their hand on customer logon details.

Keeping these figures in mind, the punishment being given to the convicted seems to be slightly disproportionate to the crime committed. Perhaps it indicates that the country wants to discourage other hackers by making an example out of these cases.

In the US the longest sentence that has ever been handed out for crime of this nature was 20 years, handed to a hacker named Albert Gonzales who hacked TJX in 2012 and stole around 90 million credit card records.

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