Peach Is A Slick New Messaging App From The Founder Of Vine

Chatting and talking is cherished by all. We like it, you like it.  Messaging application and platforms are gaining a lot of appreciation and are hot for this year again. There are tons of famous chatting platforms for all of us to use including Line, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Hangouts and Messenger etc.

Peach, a relatively new app, is quite interesting. Peach was created by Dom Hofmann, the founder of Vine. You might be wondering what’s different about it. Well actually the on boarding is quite smooth and the engagement experience is like using Slack Commands, you might be familiar with them. The on boarding feels quite similar to Slackbot, too.

For example, type in “GIF” and you will be prompted to look for one and share it. If you type “Draw” you will actually be able to draw a picture. They are termed as “magic words” by Peach.

If you are not sure about what to post, you can be prompted with engaging questions to answer. All of your activity is directed to your home, which is actually a sort of Facebook Wall. Here people are able to like your activity and comment on it. There is no “direct” messaging functionality, just like Twitter everything including messaging, social networking and communications are out in the open.

There is also a “wave” feature which is just like a Facebook Poke. It’s for fun and you receive a push notification. Apart from this it is also interesting to watch updates from your friends on one screen in real-time.

Peach is a Slick New Messaging App from the Founder of Vine

After all this you might be curious that is there any room for yet another messaging app. In suggest yes, especially when there are many people out there just Like Hofmann’s Byte team who are continuously thinking creatively and outside of the box. It must be noted that currently it is just for iOS but it is surely catching fire swiftly. Actually, I have witnessed something quite similar to this before, but I will save that story for next time.

For the time being give it a try, people are certainly liking it. The team has had some technical difficulties but they are working on them and are optimistic to resolve them ASAP.


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