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How and When to Spray Weed Killer on Lawn

Lawn owners need to use a weed killer to remove weeds on a regular basis. These unwanted plants seep the nutrients that your turf should get. As a result, the grass color turns into a light green to a yellowish brown. Fortunately, you can keep the weeds at bay. You simply need to use a fertilizer or weed killers to keep the lawn green and healthy.

Many people choose the latter option as it is easier to apply. You simply need to sprinkle or spray the solution to the grass, and you’re done. However, some lawn owners diffuse too many chemicals over the turf; thus, resulting in damaging the garden. If you don’t want this to happen, we will give some tips on when and how to spray weed killers. But first, you need to know what it is.

What Is a Weed Killer?

A weed killer, also known as herbicides, is a substance that attacks the unwanted plant. It ensures that it won’t take the nutrients that the lawn should get.

There are two ways to apply the lawn weed killer. First is by using a watering can or sprinkler. This is ideal for small gardens and grass areas. You simply need to pour the solution over the plant, and you’re done.

The second method is by using a weed sprayer. As the name suggests, it sprinkles the chemicals over the garden. Many experts recommend this approach as it has better coverage than the watering can. Moreover, every plant will get the exact amount of substance. Hence, the only thing that it would kill is the unwanted plants.

How to Apply Weed Killers in Your Garden Area


As mentioned earlier, many lawn owners tend to apply too many substances over the plant. As a result, it not only kills the weed but also the turf. Although brands give guidelines on how to apply the product, many people still fail to follow it correctly.

If you want to know how to apply weed control chemicals, you must start with the preparation first. When preparing this solution, you need to consider the size of your garden. If it’s big, you need to mix two parts of strong weed killer and 100 parts of water. Conversely, if your lawn is small, a one part chemical solution would be enough to kill the weed.

After preparing the substance, you’re now ready to spray it over your grass. You may use the weed killer spray with a knapsack so you can sprinkle it more easily. While applying, you need to walk around and move the sprayer from side to side to ensure everything gets treated. Furthermore, make sure that the head of the spray is 10 cm above the weed. In that way, it can give a good amount of chemicals to the grass.

When Is the Best Time to Apply Weed Killers?

Like harvesting crops, there’s also a good time to apply this solution. Below are the best opportunities to spray an industrial weed killer.

If the Weather Is Sunny

If you’re planning to spray weed killer solutions on your lawn, you must check the weather forecast first. Know if it’s going to be sunny for the next 2 days. If it is going to rain, then you must abort your plan. Applying the treatment the day before it rains will only wash away the solution.

If the Weather Is Not Windy

Although you can spray the lawn weed control on a windy day, it’s best not to do it. The reason is that it might blow away the chemicals to your plant. Again, you must check the weather forecast to know if it’s going to be windy.

If the Turf Looks Healthy and Green

Never apply this solution if the grass turns to a yellowish brown color. Instead of helping the lawn, it could cause damage to it.

If the Garden Is Slightly Wet Due to a Light Rain

The turf is damp after a drizzle. This is a perfect time to sprinkle the treatment as it will help the chemicals to stick to the weed.

Spray Weed Killers Regularly When the Fall Season Arrives

During the autumn, perennial weeds become active. These undesired plants store energy throughout the season so they can survive the winter. Hence, the weed will get some nutrients from your turf, causing damages to your garden. To prevent this from happening, you must spray the chemicals over the weed. It will keep your lawn healthy and get rid of the pesky plants.

Sprinkle the Solution in the First Week of Spring

Aside from your regular application, you must also do it in the first week of spring. Because the weeds are dormant in the winter, chances are, it will grow again this season. Thus, you must spray the chemicals as early as the third week of March to keep the unwanted grass at bay.

Taking care of your lawn requires a lot of patience and effort. But if you follow the tips above, you will get greener and healthier plants in your garden.

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