Inboard’s M1 electric skateboard offers an unparalleled riding experience

The electric skateboard industry has been coming up better and better skateboards over the last two years, but still most of them suffer from the same considerable drawbacks; they are quite awkward and inconvenient to carry around and it is practically not feasible to ride them like normal skateboards when their battery ends up.

But if you are planning to buy one you should be considering Inboard M1. It is actually quite different. Inboard has designed this marvel to make sure that all the drawbacks that electrical boards come with, are properly addressed. After testing it and whipping it around at the convention center parking lot at CES (a global consumer electronics and technology trade show), I can tell you they have nailed it. This board is way ahead of any other electric skateboard.

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A number of features actually separate the Inboard M1 from the rest of its competitors, but the secret formula is really in its wheels. Instead of using gear system or belt drive like every other electric board available, the M1 is loaded with two hub motor that are built directly into its rear wheels. This configuration is perfect when it comes to its responsiveness and quickness and it also allows its wheels to spin freely in case the motor is not engaged. So in case the battery dies you do not have to carry it around, you can still push, slide and roll down hills like any other simple skateboard.

The battery system in M1 is also sophisticated. Rather than following the inefficient trend of fixed rechargeable batteries, Inboard’s M1 comes with an interchangeable power system. Hence you can swap the batteries. This means that if you ever run out of charging you do not have to plug the board again to recharge, rather you can keep some spare batteries with you and pop them out if your batteries die and continue riding.

Some real smart choices have been by Inboard in terms of design, they all supplement each other to provide you the best riding experience you can get off an electric board. The M1 also feels quite fantastic when under your feet. Let off the throttle and the board will just sail along, as there is no belt-induced resistance. This along with the low weight of the board makes the ride drastically fluid as compared to other electric skateboards.

If you want to buy one this electric skateboard should be on your radar. You need to take $1,400 out of your pocket if you want one. This is not a small amounts but in my opinion the high price tag is justified by the unparalleled riding experience. Currently Inboard is in the final stages of production and they hope to start shipping these board to their customers quite soon. So if you are interested you should keep an eye out for this perfect electric skateboard sometime around May.


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