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5 Essential Power Tools

There are a large variety of power tools out there, each of which serves its own purpose, but some are more important than others. Here we have a list of the top 5 power tools that no handyman can do without.

  1. Table Saw

The table saw is a very versatile tool that any carpenter or wood worker should have on their side. A table saw usually comes in two different types, those being large shop based stationary table saws and smaller portable jobsite table saws.  A table saw can be used simply for cutting pieces of wood apart from each other.

This power tool can also be used for splitting or ripping longer pieces of wood as well as for making precise long cuts. A good table saw, with a decent miter gauge, can also be used for making both cross cuts and angled cross cuts, such as for the purposes of making a butt joint. On that same note, a table saw can also be equipped with a dado blade set in order to make other kinds of wood joints.

A table saw, with a few accessories, can even be used as a jointer to straighten out crooked pieces of wood. A smaller and more portable table saw is a tool that virtually every handyman uses on the jobsite in order to cut wood in a variety of ways in order to complete various projects at hand. These things come in different sizes, power levels, and many have varying accessories.

  1. Wood Router

One tool that every person should definitely have in their arsenal is the wood router. The wood router is a great tool because it comes in various sizes and types, and it can be used for various different applications. To be clear, routing usually involves cutting a chunk, groove, or section out of the flat side of a piece of wood.

A fixed base wood router can be used for general purpose routing and edge shaping. A plunge base router can be used for making through cut, dadoes, grooves, mortises, templates, patterns, and engraving. A laminate router is used for the trimming and beveling of laminates. Finally, a CNC router is used for bigger factory based jobs.

The best type of wood router you can go with is an interchangeable base router because it can change bases and do pretty much that any of the other routers can do combined. If you are a carpenter and need to make joints in your wood, if you need to hollow out spaces, make special designs, or simply make holes in your wood, a router is the tool to go with.

These tend to be fairly lightweight tools that are easily transported from one place to another, and when it comes to completing a project they are definitely essential.

  1. Nail Gun

The next essential power tool that no man should go without is the nail gun. Keep in mind that to make a nail gun function you will need an air compressor. A nail gun is pretty much just a mechanized tool that lets you nail things together without having to manually use a hammer and nails.

A nail gun is a very powerful tool that uses compressed air to shoot out nails at high velocities. This makes various nailing jobs much easier, because with a hammer it takes several strikes to get a nail through two pieces of wood, and depending on the thickness of the wood, its density, and the size of the nails you are using, getting those nails in place can be difficult when done manually. With a nail gun you can simply point and shoot.


  1. Rotary Sander

Yet another tool that everyone needs to have on their team in order to be successful in variety of wood working jobs is the rotary sander. There are different sizes of rotary sanders with various power levels, some which are better for smaller jobs and some which are better for bigger jobs. A rotary sander is great because it makes sanding jobs a lot easier.

Instead of having to use your hands, sandpaper, and a whole lot of time and elbow grease to sand something to smoothness, you can use this great power tool to get the job done in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the physical strength.

A rotary sander, depending on the size, can be used for sanding down large flat pieces of wood, for sanding down the edges of a board once it has been cut, and even for removing rust and other surface debris.

  1. Paint Sprayer

The final essential power tool to have is the paint sprayer. These are invaluable tools that will help you save a whole lot of time. Simply fill the canister with paint, hook up the air compressor, and paint large surfaces in a small amount of time. A paint sprayer is a fantastic tool because just like a nail gun, it’s pretty much a mechanized version of manual painting with a brush.

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