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How to talk dirty to a man – Language of Desire Reviews

Here’s the 4 Steps to Master the Language of Dirty Words

Never underestimate the power of words. You may be beautiful and sexy alright, but if you are not perfect with your words, more so dirty words, you may not have the ability to bring out a man’s sexual desire on a grand scale. However, if you learn one or two things about dirty talk, you can arouse your man on a level you would never deem possible. In other words, you will turn your man into a sexual beast and get more sex and love than you can probably handle if you know how to it and do it right. It’s not easy as it sounds though. The language of desire is an online course that teaches you the basics of dirty talk. It helps you do the following.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone… This is where it all starts. You need to explore your sexual prowess and explore it to the fullest by getting out of your comfort zone. Moan and sigh like a sex queen. Let him know that he is on top of his game, and you like the way he is doing it. Don’t be afraid to let him experiment with your body. In other words, shift his mind to focus on you by using sexy sounds and dirty words. The more he concentrates on you, the better the sex.

Use Sultry Voices to Increase Your Sex Appeal… Did you know that sultry sex voices can increase you sex appeal? According to statistics, men are aroused by sexy, sultry voices and find lovers who know how to make them appealing. So, how do make sultry voices to sound sexy and drive your man wild with sexual desire? Speak through your chest instead of your throat. In addition, drag your speech. For instance, if you utter 100 words in a minute cut it down to 40 words instead. Incorporate whispers as well.

Use Trigger Phrases… The language of desire teaches you how to arouse your man by use of trigger phrases. These are dirty phrases that will make him more passionate and eager to have sex with you. When it comes to trigger phrases, the best way is to learn on the job. Experiment with an assortment of dirty lines and watch how he reacts to each of the phrases. With time, you will know precisely which phrases to use to capture his subconscious mind and propel him to slay the dragons you have in bed. Some of the phrases may include “come on, do it, show me you love me”, “you are my wild, sexy horse, give it me”.

Fulfill His Fantasies and Desires in Bed… You need to learn how to fulfill your man’s desire by what comes out of your mouth. Be as creative as you can to totally dominate his brain or make him feel something different. For instance, assume that you are his goddess, and you want to take control his life or you are having a one night stand with him. You may even assume he is a billionaire who wants a lap dance from a sexy lady in a private room. Take your imaginations to the next level because the more you do it, the easier it will be to connect with your lover sexually.

Has your man ever asked you to talk dirty to him? Would you know what to say…Or what to do?

Besides teaching the above-mentioned basics, this program has two other components as highlighted below.

The Art of Silent Seduction – This is all about equipping you with the tips and trick on how to use your body to bring your lover closer to you, emotionally and physically. Making your man committed to the act is the essence of great, sensual sex. Ready to Use Sex –The language of desire comes with ready to use 200 messages that you can apply to take your text game to the next level. The messages are designed to ensure your man craves for sex way before he hits the door. Not only are the messages meant to ensure your lover releases his inner beast but inspire you to come up with your own dirty text messages.

Who is the Program Design For?

This program is ideal for any woman who wants to spruce up her relationship through talking dirty. It doesn’t matter which stage you are in, whether you are dating around to find the right guy or committed to a long term relationship. The dirty talking tactics revealed by this program are meant to stir a relationship that lacks passion. In addition, it teaches you what to do once you have landed on the right guy. It comes with tips on how to put your man exactly where you want him to be. The beauty of this program is that it is easy to follow, and the tips provided are practical and doable. In short the primary aim of this program is to rekindle the long lost spark and reignite the passion once more.

Does the Program Work?

The simple fact that you can learn how to talk like a dirty slut, while keeping the image of a good girl at the same time gives you more than one reason to believe in the program. It helps you understand your man’s sexual desires better and helps you unlock your innermost sexual urges. The program promises to help you take charge in the bedroom and make your man feel incredible at whatever he is doing to you.

Some of the techniques taught by this program include;

• Pavlov’s erection

• Tease intensifier

• Erotic telepathy

• Verbal Viagra

• Desire Seed… Just to name but a few Men find women who are willing to let loose their inner sexual abilities attractive. While it might sound so easy, only a handful of women knows how to do it perfectly. Dirty talk is one of the most powerful techniques to bring out a man’s sexual desires. The language of desire takes you through a step by step guide on how to use dirty language and phrases to bring out the best in your man sexually. To cap it all, it comes with ready to use dirty talk examples to ensure every piece falls into place. This is without doubt a must have program for beginners and seasoned lovers


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