Best Push Up Bars Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide

Pushups are great for building muscles and they have become all too popular because in truth, they do exactly what they promise; build muscles. There are many training classes being offered in which pushups are part of the training program, however, in this time and age when people are very busy with work, who has time to go to a gym or exercise class? If you can find equipments that you can use at home and still get good results, then it is better. That is why we have gone all out to bring to you the best push up bars for 2015. However before we go in to looking at the different recommended bar, let’s first take a look at what pushups are and how they benefit the body

What are pushups?

Pushups are common exercises in physical education and military training which require raising and lowering the entire body on the arms. The main areas of the body that are worked during pushup exercises are the upper areas of the body precisely the chest, the arms and the shoulders.  A basic pushup exercises requires lying on the floor on the tommy with the two legs stretched out. Place the palms of both hands flat on the floor with the elbows pointing out. Raise the body off the floor with the weight of the whole body on the arms. Then raise and lower the body for a number of counts. This is the normal pushup done by many. There are many variations to this normal style and each one can choose which one to use based on how comfortable to feel doing the exercise. Pushup exercises will help to improve the general health and fitness of the body.

How do pushups benefit the body?

Pushups require most of the muscles of the body to be active. This means that it is great at activating the body muscles thereby increasing the functionality of the body. Pushups also help the back muscles to be stretched thereby increasing the flexibility of the muscles and helping to prevent injuries.  Because pushups are compound exercises that require most of the muscles to come to work, the heart is also made to pump blood faster. As a result, pushups help improve on the cardiovascular system of the body. Other benefits include, helping with the lower back, improving posture and protecting the shoulders and lower back from injury.

The great thing about pushups is that they can be performed just about anywhere. This type of exercise will help increase bone mass, increase the metabolic rate and the core strength of the body. There is no need to pay costly gym fees to get trained. All you need are some basic equipment to get you going.

Top 10 besst Push Up Bar in 2016:

[su_box title=” 10. Rounded Bottom Push Up Bars” style=”soft” box_color=”#191919″]

Rounded Bottom Push Up Bars Make For The Perfect Push Up Station

If performed correctly, pushups can be the perfect exercise for the entire body. However, for such exercise to be effective and enable the user get the most benefits, it si important to have the right equipments to help. For an effective pushup session, the rounded bottom push up bars is one of the best pushup bars available in the market. The rounded push up bars as the name suggest has a rounded bottom and comes with handles that are non slip. The non slip nature of the handles helps reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring during pushup sessions. Since the bottom of the bars are rounded with small pointed tips, this means only a small portion of the bar is actually touching the ground while the bar is being used. What this means is that the user has to try to balance their body and maintain this balance all through the pushup exercise. This is actually great for toning the body and the muscles. The fact that these bars increases the need to maintain balance makes the exercises more difficult but help to increase the body’s core strength in the process. Fortunately for users, the bars can fold up neatly in a compact set which makes travelling with them very easy.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#ff7700″ size=”6″ icon=”icon: hand-o-up” class=”amz-btn”]Check Price at Amazon[/su_button] [/su_box] [su_box title=”9. Power of Physique Push up Bar Training Kit” style=”soft” box_color=”#191919″]Push up Bar Training Kit By Power of Physique

This bar is specifically designed with the upper body in mind. The parts of the upper body that will benefit most from this power of physique push up training kit are; the chest, the pectoral muscles, the biceps and triceps as well as the abdominal muscles. These bars are designed with a lot of ergonomics to ensure that users get the best experience every time they do pushup exercises. The design of the bars allows for a deeper stretch. The user can go down lower using these pushup bars. The bar is made from steel which means apart from being lightweight and easy to carry, it is also very durable. When you buy the pushup bar training kit from Power of physique, you also get a milkshake cup and a towel.

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Maximiza Push-up Bars

Maxima Push up bars are great pushup bars made of the finest steel that can be used comfortably at home by both men and women. These bars are made in such a way that the stability of the user is guaranteed. The handles are great and will not wobble while in use. The foam hand pads come that are non slip come in two different sizes. There is the classic bar diameter of 22mm which is great for use by women and people who are light weight.  The classic bar can support weights of up to 100kg. There is also the ultra bar diameter of 25mm which is better from men and those with heavy weight. This can support up to 150kg of weight. Thanks to its design, there is less stress on the wrist hence the probability of developing a strain is greatly reduced. Since there are no welded parts, the product does not require any assembly of parts. As you remove it out of the box, you can start enjoying the many benefits.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#ff7700″ size=”6″ icon=”icon: hand-o-up” class=”amz-btn”]Check Price at Amazon[/su_button][/su_box] [su_box title=” 7. Beachbody Tony Horton’s PowerStands” style=”soft” box_color=”#191919″]

Tony Horton's PowerStandsThis is a heavy duty pushup gear that does no wrong the wrist no matter the number of pushups that are done. The bars are designed to ensure that the bases are non skid thus reducing the risk of any accidents. Also it has padded foam handles which helps improve the grip and also reduce the risk of developing wrist injury. The powerstands are made of premium grade ABS plastics and was designed with people of different fitness levels in mind. The bases of the bar are circular with rubber lining to improve on the stability while in use. Although the bar comes in parts, there is very minimal screwing and assembly required and just about anyone can be able to put the two parts that need joining together. Although these bars are made of ABS plastic instead of metals that people are used to. These plastics are not your everyday plastic. They are high resistance plastics that are not easy to crack. In fact they are as good as any metal you can find out there. The pushup bar was designed with the comfort of the user in mind but also the effectiveness of the pushup sessions. That is why the hands are slightly raised to ensure that the user can sink deeper from the pushup positions.

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[su_box title=”6. Elite Sports Equipment Rotational Push Up Bar” style=”soft” box_color=”#191919″]

Elite Perfect Push Up Bars - RotatingThis pushup bar comes with the perfect rotating handle that enables users to achieve the perfect workout each time. One aspect of traditional pushups is that it requires the wrist to be moved while the hands are flat on the floor. This can result to stress on the wrist and eventually injury. By using the elites sports equipment rotational push up bar, the aspect of stress on the wrist is eliminated with the rotational handles.  The rotating arms also provide support to the back during exercises and permit the user to try out new variations to the pushup exercise. The rotating action also helps to spread the load across all muscles such that the chest is not left to do all the work. as such all muscles are properly activated when using this pushup bar. These push up bars come highly rated among other bars. The ball bearing systems allows for smooth rotation during exercises. The rotating handles help ensure that the hands move more naturally, as the body is raised and lowered on the floor. The bars are very sturdy and can support weights of up to 400lb.

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[su_box title=”5. Perfect Fitness Push up Stands” style=”soft” box_color=”#191919″]

Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands

This is a great lightweight pushup bar that does a great job of working on the upper body muscles. These push up bar with its simple design helps to build the core body muscles all at once. The bars have included a 360 degrees technology that allows for non skid platform and ultimate stability. The specifications of the bar includes; length of 7.25”, a width of 5.10”, and a height of 2.75”. The total weight of the box is 0.4lb. In the box are included two workout stands and a downloadable workout plan. The handles provide a comfortable grip which helps ensure that the wrists are protected during workout sessions. These pushup bars are professional grades but available for use at home. They are easy to store away as they have stackable handles.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#ff7700″ size=”6″ icon=”icon: hand-o-up” class=”amz-btn”]Check Price at Amazon[/su_button][/su_box] [su_box title=”4. Rush Sports Push up Stand” style=”soft” box_color=”#191919″]Pushup Stand

This is a great lightweight push up bar made with the most reliable tubular steel.  This is one of the pushup stands that come highly rated by the users themselves. This high quality bar is very easy to assemble as it comes with no nuts or bolts that need to be screwed into place. The feet are very solid and stable to ensure that user maintains their balance all through the exercise session. The foot pads have rubber bases for added stability and to prevent the floor surfaces from suffering any damage. If you are one of those who is always on the road travelling, you are going to love having this pushup bars with you as they are very lightweight and compact and will fit easily in any traveling bag. Travelling with this pushup bar is made easy thanks to the foot pads that can be easily removed and stored away. The rush sports push up stand is specifically designed to help users work on their pectoral muscles. Those who need to work on their triceps will also benefit greatly.

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Push Up Bars by FreestyleFitnessPushups are great exercises for building muscles in the upper chest area. However, to make pushups easy, it is better to have a great add on such as a pushup bar to help ease the exercise sessions.  A great pushup bar that can be used at home and elsewhere is the freestyle fitness pushup bar. This pushup bar is made of high quality steel. It has very comfortable handles that helps protect the wrist and a base that is non slip and offers maximum stability. There is no risk of falling flat on your face because the handle gave way or the base slipped. The way the handles are designed helps ensure that the wrists are not placed under a lot of stress during workouts. The bars highly efficient and allows for a variety of pushup styles to be made using them. When used correctly, these bars will help train the body muscles more than you can ever hope to get with weight training. This pushup bar was carefully designed to ensure that the users get the maximum benefits with respect to activating the muscles and improving core strength. You will enjoy the way your pectorals are going to improve in very little time.

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Perfect Fitness Perfect Push Up ( 31000 )This is great push up bar that is great for use by beginners as well as professionals. Thanks to the way the bar is made, it will great feel in the hands of a professional as in the hands of a starter. This expertly design pushup bars contains rotating handles that are great for doing push up at heights. These elevated handles are attached to a base that is circular and rotates.  The handles are made in a way that they can handle up to 30% more bearing than the normal handles that are found on other pushup bars. This helps make the handles to rotate more easily.  Thanks to the fact that the device rotates during pushups, the users arms is allowed to also rotate freely thus taking off a lot of stress on the wrist. The pushup device comes with a non skid base to ensure that users do not all off during exercises. Also the handles are wide enough to ensure proper grip at all times. The design makes it possible for not only the chest muscles to be engaged during exercises but other muscles as well. This device is great for use by people o different fitness levels.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#ff7700″ size=”6″ icon=”icon: hand-o-up” class=”amz-btn”]Check Price at Amazon[/su_button][/su_box] [su_box title=”1. CAP Barbell Pair of Push up Bars” style=”soft” box_color=”#191919″]

CAP Barbell Pair of Push Up Bars Finally pushup lovers have something really unique that makes their pushup sessions really fun. There will be no longer any need to bother about problems with the wrist when you get the Cap Barbell pair of pushup bars. It comes with handles that are slip resistant so there is no risk of falling from poor support. The foot pads are also padded with rubber to help reduce possibilities of slip and skidding. The bars are chrome plated and made from metal that has been electroplated. Thanks to the way the handles of this device are made, the wrists are kept in a position that ensures that they are not over extended. They are great for workouts that are targeting the hest, arms and shoulders.

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My opinion

I tend to do pushups once in a while o having a pushup bar around the house that I can use when I feel like strengthening my body should be a good idea. Personally, among all these great products with many good features, I would go for the Power of Physique Push up Bar Training Kit because it design allows or effective workout sessions. This is great for someone like me who will probably not be spending more than 10 minutes doing pushups. At least with this pushup bar, the little time I spend working out will be very effective.

On the other hand, I will not go for the Cap Barbel pushup bar because it is said to contain some chemicals that could cause birth defects.

Proper push up techniques

Now that we know the best pushup bars to look out for in the market, it is also good to get an idea on how to do correct pushups. Even with he best equipment, if you can’t do the exercises right, you will not be able to get any benefits from the pushup bars you like. Follow the tips below for a proper pushup workout session.

  • Keep the neck and head straight: the tendency for most people is to try to bend the neck down because it helps reduce the stress from the exercise. However, when it comes to pushups. This is a definite no. at all times during the workout, endeavour to keep the head and neck straight ahead.
  • Ensure the shoulders are stable: most people will start pushups well then somewhere along the line they start pushing their shoulders towards their ears. Doing this will cause the triceps to take in more pressure. The correct thing to do is to keep the shoulders stable and down. By doing this, the chest is made to work more and the pushups will be more effective.
  • Make sure your hands are below the plane of your shoulder: when doing pushups, you hands should be close to chest level and at least a shoulder width apart. By keeping your hands at this position, the chest triceps and shoulders will equally benefit from the effects of the workout.
  • Place pressure on the outside of your hand: most people place the pressure on the inside of the hand and due to overuse, the hands and wrists eventually suffer. By gripping the handle of the pushup bar you are using, you will be able to transfer the pressure to the outside of the hand.
  • Leave the hips and torso very straight: most people tend to bend their hips and upper body in an effort to make the exercises a lot easier. However, by doing this, they end up leaving out the stomach; the stomach does not benefit from the exercise. The hips should be kept as straight as possible so that the stomach too will be worked in the process.
  • Use as many motions as possible: try not to get caught up with what motions are allowed and which ones aren’t. As long as you have the right positioning, make use of the flexibility that using a pushup bar provides by assuming varied positions. Forget about the talk about your hand being at 90 degrees during pushups. When doing pushups, try to make your chest come as close to the ground as possible.
  • Follow a rhythm: this holds true for pushups as for any other form of workout. In pushups, try to control the going down motion but make sure to go up forcefully. By controlling the rhythm of the workout, you can avoid a lot of injuries.

Hopefully you have already places an order for one of the pushup bars on our list above. Once the bar comes in, make sure to find time to put into practice some of the tips on doing proper pushups discussed above. This will greatly help you to do effective workouts that benefit the body as a whole. Fortunately for you, you can take your pushup bar anywhere you go so there is really no excuse for not finding time to work out.



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