Why Silent Partner SmartMask is the best for snoring

Everyone snores at some point of their life. Whether it happens very rarely or time after time, snoring causes the person sleeping next to you a lot of nuisance. According to recent surveys, 40 percent of men and 24 percent of women have chronicle snoring problems, which is equivalent to accumulatively thousands of sleepless nights from their partners.

Sleeping next to a snorer has been more than just nuisance and troublesome nights. In fact, the interruption of sleep caused by lying next to a snoring person can lead to health risk and disrupted the sleeping pattern. That’s why many people have turned to therapists and medicines in the hope for quiet nights. Unfortunately, these methods can cost a lot of money but do not guarantee a definite solution for snoring.

The good news is, there are now alternative devices that can quite a snorer in a brand new and effective way. They are known as Silent Partner Smart mask. This article will introduce you a game-changing device that would put an end to your partner’s snoring. If you are curious enough to find out, please continue reading.

About the Silent Partner SmartMask

Silent Partner Smart mask is similar to any sleeping mask. It is lightweight, compact, washable and easy to use. The switch button on the side of the mask allows you to turn the device on or off according to your liking. Also, it is super comfortable and convenient to wear during sleep. It will just rest on your face like any regular eye mask. One thing you can be certain about is that it would not cause you any trouble falling sleep. All you have to do is to put this mask over your eyes, switch it on and sleep tight.

Silent Partner SmartMask Reviews

There are more than just a few noise canceling machines in the market place at the moment. Most of them, however, come in the form of a chin strap or a mouth piece. In a way, those devices can be effective but the idea of wearing strap or mouth piece is quite annoying, if not creepy to some people. Also putting on machines like that might not be the most sleep inducing and comfortable thing to do before getting into bed. If you do have concern with the way the device looks, you should seriously consider Silent Partner since it looks just like a normal eye mask. You will not afraid of being seen in this mask at all. In fact, you can even wear in while traveling on a plane or train.


Besides its elegant look, this mask offers many interesting features as well. To begin with, the complete package comes with the mask itself, a charging stand and a travel bag so that you can easily take it with you while traveling. What’s more, its battery is rechargeable and lasts all night. You can be sure that the mask won’t run out of battery during your sleep and interrupt others as long as you remember to recharge it the previous morning. It takes about 3 hours to be fully charged. After one year of constant use, you can replace the battery. There is instruction on how to replace the battery that comes with the kit. It is written in very simple term, so be sure that you can easily replace it yourself. In addition, you can customize your devices and update your order. Upon our purchase, an email will be sent in order for you to choose the colors you want and customize the device.

One common question that many customers are concerned with before purchasing Silent Partner is that whether the device causes any radiation or health damage. The answer is that this mask is completely safe. It emits no radiation. In fact, the sound waves that come out of it are only as strong as those of headphone. Another frequently asked question is whether Silent Partner can treat sleep apnea or not. It should be made perfectly clear that this item works to quiet down snoring noises. It does not involve in treating any medical illness. If your snoring problem results from illnesses, the best you can do is to consult a doctor or take medicine. But then again, if you simply desire quite nights and don’t need to treat any illnesses, this mask will serve your purpose entirely.

How does it work

The science behind this device is pretty simple. Silent Partner Smart mask utilizes what is known as noise cancellation technology. This is based on the physics’s rule of destructive interference. To put it in simple term, when two sounds waves of the same frequency meet, they will cancel each other. The result is no wave at all. The same rule applies to snoring sound. Whenever a person snores, sound waves are created.

You will be able to hear the snoring when the waves reach your ears. What Silent Partner do is not to prevent your snoring habit but to interfere with the sound. By detecting your snoring sound, this noise canceling device emits counter waves of the same frequency which neutralize your partner’s snoring waves before they reach your ears. Imagine an invisible shell around your partner’s head. That shell of around 20 centimeters diagram is the silent zone which can quiet down any loud noises.

What kind of technology does Silent Partner use?

Final words

Dealing with a snoring partner is always a serious business. But it does not mean that you should let such trivial matter as snoring to be the end point of your love. Most people though would imagine separate beds, expensive operation or description pills from doctor. With Silent Partner Smart mask, there is no need to worry so much anymore as you can now enjoy restful nights cuddling with your partner. This economic, convenient, smart device will definitely solve your problem once and for all. I hope you find this article helpful. Thank you so much for reading it.



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