Which One Would You Prefer For Your Garden? Brushcutter V/s. Grass Trimmer

It is nice to have a garden at the place you live. You can spend your evenings with your family in that garden. You can also use it for growing few vegetables or fruits. It is great for those who take up gardening as their hobby. They can spend hours together taking care of the garden. It is very beneficial to have a garden as you can grow vegetables without using chemicals, in an organic way.

Benefits of Having a Home Garden

An organic gardening is healthy for the entire family. And, various reasons are associated with it. Let’s have a look:

1. You get fresh fruits and vegetables, which are organically grown using natural manure or fertilizers and offering the best quality possible, without going anywhere.

2. These vegetables and fruits are harvested only once they are fully mature. And, as the vegetables or fruits will be consumed soon after harvesting, they will retain all the nutrients.

3. You can plant grass, flowers and environmental friendly trees in your garden that you can use that place to sit or for various other activities.

It feels great to see a well-maintained garden in front of a house. However, it is a hard job to maintain a garden. It is not less than a full-time job. However, we have machines available for most of our gardening tasks; but still, it is not an easy job. The most commonly used machines to maintain a garden are Brush cutter and Grass trimmer.

Both of these are made for completely different purposes; therefore, they are very different in design. The brush cutter is more powerful than Grass Trimmer. The brush cutter is used to clean large bushes whereas Gras trimmer is used to give a finishing touch and more detailed finishing to what is left by brush cutter.

The brush cutter is more powerful than Grass Trimmer. It has blades of strong metal and a powerful motor. It is very heavy and is used to cut heavy weeds, bushes, and small trees. Its starting price is $150 USD. Grass trimmer, on the other hand, is a light machine as compared to Brush cutter. It is mostly used to cut grass. Its starting price is $ 30.

Grass trimmers are available with various power modes such as Gas, Electric supply (corded) and battery operated (cordless). The most expensive of these variants is the gas powered variant. It is helpful if you have a larger area to work on. If you want to go for economical options, then you may buy an electric power supply (corded) or battery operated (cordless) versions.

They both are best for sprucing smaller areas. However, the gas operated variant is much powerful than rest of the two. So, if you come across thick grasses or heavy weeds while working in your yard, then you should go for the gas variant. All of them are of same size and shape. They are designed to reach the areas where it is hard to reach.

Brush cutters are more powerful and use metal blades instead of nylon strings (as in trimmers). It is powered up by gas as a fuel. It has a very powerful engine. If you are going to buy it from the authorized center, then they will attach a handlebar to it and will install a blade as well.

They will also give you an overview of safety tips. It is very necessary to learn to use it properly as metal blades are supposed to cut in one direction. And, if not used properly it may offer a kick back. These cutters have long shafts and are prepared with angular handle bars to hold them properly.

Mostly they are used using an attachment namely, “harness” as it provides efficient weight distribution, thus making it easier to carry this heavy machine. There are various blade attachments available for different purposes. You can even trim a tree by using a specific blade attachment. This pole saw is that powerful.

Now to decide which one is best to serve your purpose, let us look at pros and cons of each of them.

Grass Trimmer


  • It is available in three variants: Gas, Electric (corded) and Battery (cordless)
  • It can be used as a lawn edger and for the places, which are not easy to reach
  • It is light weight and easy to use


  • It cannot be used for thicker weeds
  • It may turn small rock into projectiles

Brush Cutter


  • It can serve various purposes by using different blade attachments
  • It is very powerful and can be used to cut even small trees
  • It easily gets into places which are hard to reach


  • It is cumbersome to use it for large areas as it is heavy
  • It also throws material back to users

This is all about grass trimmer and grass cutter.  Click here for more power tools.This information is enough to decide what option would be best for you. If you want to keep your garden clean, walkways trimmed, fence lines clean, hard to admittance the areas that have trimmed down, then string trimmer would be the best choice for you.

However, if you have large areas that grow the weeds strong and thick in nature, and you want to keep that area mowed down, then brush cutter would be a good option. Both options are good in maintaining your garden; you can choose any as per your requirement.

Bio : Shary Saunders is a blogger at sharycherry.com. Gardening and landscaping have been her passion for years. You can find Shary on Twitter at @SharySaunders.


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