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how to clean your Tempurpedic pillows

They say sleep is the best meditation for your body and I doubt if anyone could contradict this statement. That a good night sleep is essential to a person’s well-being is a commonly known fact. Your body, in a way, is similar to that of a machine. You need to rest and recharge otherwise you will end up running out of energy.In a world where people care so much about health and well-being like the one we are living in right now, no matter how hard you try to deny it, sleeping is a serious business. People are paying more and more attention to their sleep

In a world where people care so much about health and well-being like the one we are living in right now, no matter how hard you try to deny it, sleeping is a serious business. People are paying more and more attention to their sleep everyday. One way in which they do it is to invest in Tempurpedic pillows.

Alright, now you have a Tempurpedic pillow, but the tasks haven’t ended yet. Since hygiene is a crucial matter, you need to make sure that your pillow is clean and fresh. This article will show you how to clean your Tempurpedic pillows in very simple, painless and economic ways.

So continue reading for the key to your good night sleep is only a few sentences away.

About Tempurpedic pillows

Tempurpedic foam, also known as Memory foam, was originally developed by NASA as aircraft safety cushion. The texture of the foam is much denser and more vicious than that of regular foam. You can easily examine this feature by pressing your hand on the pillow. The texture will keep the imprint there for a while, which explains the name Memory firm.

What Tempurpedic pillows do is that they distribute weight equally, thus help you avoid neck pain and other pain-related to incorrect sleeping posture. As a result, memory foam is frequently used in hospital and medical facilities. Especially during cases when the patients have to lay immobile for a long duration because Tempurpedic foam removes the pressure sores caused by static poses. That is not to mention these pillows also promote blood circulation and deep sleep. For those people with a sleeping problem or body pain, Tempurpedic pillows are definitely their go-to choice.

How to clean Tempurpedic pillows

It is advisable to clean your Tempurpedic pillow every one or two months. This article will introduce you two techniques of cleaning it. You can choose either of them whichever suits you better, but keep in mind that you should avoid washing the pillow with the washing machine at all cost. The texture of the material is very dedicated and easy to break. Plus the density of foam will take a long time to dry.

Method 1:

And there you go, your pillow is fresh like new. It will definitely guarantee a good night sleep for you.

Method 2:

Another technique to freshen your Tempurpedic pillow is to leave it out under the sunlight for a couple of days. This technique, also known as Solar Cleaning, is an old custom in China and many cultures. Should you have the chance to visit China, notice how people put their blankets and pillows all over balconies, swings, and benches.
You might assume that Chinese people are hanging the laundry out in the sun so that it can dry off. That could probably be the case, but more often, people are just solar cleaning their bed stuff. In today society when everyone is busy with work, solar cleaning is becoming more and more popular.

If you are always in the rush for time and need an effortless way of cleaning or you just simply lazy, this would certainly be your favorite technique. The rationale behind this technique is that ultraviolet light in the sun kills the bacteria and fungi in your pillow and allows it to breathe. So if you are looking for an economic, chemical free and simple way to clean your pillow, you should seriously consider Solar Cleaning.

Final words

Open any guild book on well-being, you will be told the same thing that the first step toward a healthy lifestyle is to appreciate sleep. Whether you like the idea of spending time laying in bed or not, sleep directly related to your physical health and productivity. Your sleeping pattern reflexes your mentality. Having trouble falling asleep or frequently waking up in the middle of the night are signs your body is trying to tell you, that you are not mentally healthy. So pay attention to your sleep and invest in it because after all, you deserve a good night sleep. I hope you find this article helpful. Thank you for reading it. Make sure that you treat your body and sweet dreams.

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