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Best Pillow for Side Sleepers Reviews and Ultimate Guide

Best pillow for side sleepers

Best pillow for side sleepers

Best pillow for side sleepers

It is very important to have a good sleep as people can compromise anything but their sleep. A perfect sleep helps to relax the body and mind which functions entire day. Nowadays people are suffering from not having enough sleep. The poor sleeping habits can be due many reasons which include working late hours to get the work done on time or having uncomfortable pillow. The pillows sometimes collapse their shape which provides a lot of discomfort during sleeping hours.  When people fall asleep, then the body still does its functions. As soon as the mind shuts down, the mind and the body get some rest. In simple words, it is impossible to survive without having a proper sleep. In order to purchase a perfect pillow, people get very confused and especially the side sleepers as this technology has just arrived. All those who buy pillows which are as mentioned side sleepers may experience many unhealthy things like migraine, neck and shoulder pain, arm numbness, sneezing and other similar discomforts. It is all on you to consider the sleeping position which suits you. In this article, you will learn how to purchase the best pillows for the side sleepers.

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NameTypeWhere to Buy
Shredded memory foam pillow with viscose rayon cover derived from bamboo by coop home goodsBamboo

Snuggle pedic pillow - Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Combination
Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Combination

Natures Pillows 20" x 15" Sobakawa Buckwheat PillowBuckwheat

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow With stay Cool Bamboo coverMemory Foam

Sleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Advanced ContourMemory Foam

Mediflow original water base pillowWater base

Ashley Roberts Sleep Systems Elegante Memory Foam Sculptured and Ventilated Pillow100% viscos elastic memory foam

Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber-Filled Pillows, Standard Gel Fiber

Down alternative Right Choice Bedding's pillowULTRA SOFT FIBER - SOFT AS DOWN, YET FIRM ENOUGH

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam PillowMemory Foam

Types of Pillows

Most of the side sleepers use the contour shape pillows. This type of pillow gives an extra support to the neck, head and shoulders so that they don’t get discomfort. One of the unique features of this pillow is that it regains its original shape after the first use and is ready to use again with same comfort. Memory foam in this pillow survives longer. You can easily use this pillow upto 2years. The extra feature of this contour shape pillows is that it can adjust itself according to the body weight and temperature. It gives the perfect pillow comfort for the side sleepers. This contour shape pillow contains all the natural material which gives extra support to the head as compared to the other type of pillow. This shape gives the continuous blood flow from the head to the face so that it doesn’t get squashed. Having these beneficial qualities, the experts consider them the best pillows for the side sleepers. Beside its many qualities, this pillow also loses its shape after 6 months or so. Due to its continuous use, the original shape of the pillow gets collapsed. During the purchase it is asked that the pillow has a guarantee of two years but in reality it doesn’t be in an original shape for two years. Only those pillows retain their shapes which are not used constantly.

Buckwheat Pillows

The pillows which are filled with natural material i.e. buckwheat are most long lasting as compared to the other material pillows. Buckwheat filled pillows are more firm and strong that they can be used longer without any discomfort. They don’t get de-shaped due to constant use and the head of the pressure. This is the reason that they provide extra support and in return provides more comfort.

Many people want to get the pillows which don’t heat up when you put your head on them for longer time. This is the best option as it does not store heat. Instead of that it simply maintains the temperature which is ideal for the sleeping. The temperature of the body is maintained on the pillow accordingly. The only fault associated with these kinds of Pillows is that they are slightly heavy. Buckwheat filling makes them a little heavy and swallowed than the rest of the pillows. Due to its heavy weight, one pillow has a maximum weight of 5 pounds.


Memory Foam Pillows

Because memory foam is a polyurethane material that is sensitive to pressure and temperature, used especially in mattresses, where it molds to the shape of an individual’s body. The pillow made of this material is very good at reducing stress on the head part contacting with the bed and you will get a good sleep. Therefore, you should look for and purchase this one because it can response all your requirement.

Latex Pillows

This is another type of pillow which is very much popular nowadays and is still gaining popularity due to its soft and fluffy texture of the pillows. As compared to the feathers filled or old styled down filled pillows they came up with a new technology. This provides a great comfort to the people. It gives more relaxed and smooth level to the head, neck and shoulders. This pillow is the great way to give comfort and the relaxation to the mind and body. One of the great qualities of this pillow is that it supports the head by resistance to slump head.

Apart from that there is just one drawback in the latex pillow which should be considered. While purchasing the latex pillows, people should keep in mind only one thing which is the price of the pillows. The prices of the latex pillows are very much high as the ordinary people can hardly afford them. They are even sky rocketing nowadays due to its new and soft technology. With the changing economic condition, people prefer to buy worthy and long lasting things. Mostly the pillows are the one which are purchased accordingly to the financial condition.


Pillow is something very important that you need to avoid long sleepless nights. A bad pillow not only causes sleepless nights but they are also the main reason behind having back and neck pains. Everyone can find a good pillow for themselves but the side sleepers are the one that goes through a lot of hassle as the pillow should raise their heads in order to keep it perfectly in-line with spine. To help side sleepers find best pillows please read our review of the best 10

Our Recommendation

The Beyond Down Side Sleeper Synthetic Down Bed Pillow has an attractive grid design on the cover. This accessory is gusseted for extra strength where needed. The comfortable, 300-thread count will be enough for the most sensitive of skin. This synthetic pillow has a 100 percent cotton cover. The down like polyester gel fiber fill provides the feel of feathers without the allergen concerns. The hypoallergenic pillow is designed for side sleepers. This machine washable item is easy to care for and will offer years of satisfaction.

Simply put, the best pillow you have ever had, bar none. Perfect solution to my chronic neck problem, which is from pillows unsuitable for side sleepers. Tried them all. This is the best.

1. Shredded memory foam pillow with viscose rayon cover derived from bamboo by coop home goods

If you are a side sleeper, or you are suffering from conditions like apnea, neck pain, spinal cord problem, etc., you need the shredded memory foam pillow. It has been serving people with such conditions for so long now. It has got strength and firmness, exactly what side sleepers need to get that extra support between their head and shoulder while sleeping; and it is just what people suffering from the afore mentioned health conditions need  – firmness and strength. Its gentle strength and comforting firmness is attributed to the 40% bamboo and 60% polyester materials used to produce the pillow. Despite the strength and firmness of shredded memory foam pillow, these materials ensures soft and natural touch to the pillow making it super comfy to sleep with, just like the pillows in the luxury hotels.

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There is a beautiful characteristic that Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Viscose Rayon Cover offers; it naturally allows free flow of air. It will not hold unto sweat while you sleep, rather the sweat goes away as a result of the natural air circulation. This guarantees a “cool sleep” with zero odor that may arise as a result of sweat being accumulated in the pillow.

You know how disappointing it is when you look at a pillow and it looks puffy but flattens when you use it? That is one of many issue that has been addressed by the designers of Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. The manufacturers were able to achieve this through continued testing and research work. It does not matter how heavy you are, shredded memory foam pillow will take you all through the night without flattening one bit. Another good thing about Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is that it is easy to maintain in the sense that it is not easily soiled. This quality makes it great for outdoor use. The material is machine washable and only takes a short time to be washed and dried.

Also, this product comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. There is always a shredded memory foam pillow to match with your interior and exterior decorations, adding a super cozy and elegance appearance to your place.

It does not take much to get this pillow compared to the value you will earn in return. There is an assurance that you will be getting great value in return for your money. The designers are so benton meeting your sleeping needs that they offer a 30 days guarantee with total refund if for any reason, you find it unsatisfying. That is not all, you will also enjoy 5 years warranty with this amazing product. Incase of unexpected damage, you have the right to contact the manufacturer to address your issue; that is what you get for a warranty covered product like shedded memory foam pillow with viscose rayon cover. Here is a summary of what 3 Shedded Memory Foam Pillow with Viscose Rayon Cover has to offer;

  • Efficiency
  • Durability
  • Beauty
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • 30 days guarantee
  • 5 years warranty

2. Snuggle pedic pillow - Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Combination

These amazing shredded memory foam pillows are on the top of the rank of the best side pillows when it comes to side sleepers. The main reason behind them being at the top is that the designers of these pillows have focused on providing high quality to the side sleepers. The best thing about them is that the foam used in these pillows is perfectly fitted on the casting to make sure that the pillow never ever goes flat. Despite having a lot of pressure from shoulder or your head, these pillows will give you perfect alignment with your spine so that you can have smooth as well as comfortable sleep.

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It has been widely proved that the use of the natural material inside the pillow as well as other bedding accessories gives a very soothing effect on the people. It helps people to give very comfortable sleep. This is the reason that people who use these pillows get a very comfortable and soothing sleep every night. Moreover, due to the level of comfort they offer to side sleepers, these pillows are often found at some of the five star hotels all over the world.

People who sleep on their side usually get down to a certain point that their spine and neck are linear. This is the reason that their neck, some part of shoulders as well as head gets in contact with their pillow. This is the time when the amazing design of these pillows comes in handy. The natural material used in this pillow is very important for the physical growth as well as strength. Due to their high comfort ability, pregnant women who take forever to sleep, find it very easy to sleep on these pillows.

The unique design of these pillows are made in such way that they stay with you for a longer period of time than your regular pillows. The shredded memory foam that is used in this pillow do not lose their density very quickly which is why they have long life. Moreover, these pillows also have some top quality stitches that gives extra comfort to the person using them. The best thing about them is that they have a warranty of almost 20 years.


For people who suffer from the neck pain, these pillows should be their first choice. The unique style and design of these pillows brings in the right comfort and shapes according to the posture of your neck as well head. Their unique style helps release pressure from your pressure points which bring relaxation to the body as well as mind. If you have a pain in your neck then after using this pillow for few days, you will realize that your pain has decreased to a prominent rate and in no time it will vanish. These pillows are better than the medical treatments that cause you to spend thousands of dollars.

One of the unique qualities of these pillows is that they are extremely versatile. These pillows are considered to be best for the people who love to try different sleeping poses. There are a lot of people who do not have a fix sleep posture due to which they go through neck and back pain every now and then. These pillows can be easily adjusted as per the sleeping position in order to avoid any type of pain. These pillows are also considered to be extremely great for the pregnant women and help them to get rid of their pack pain.

Whenever, a house owner is out to buy bedding items for his house, all he wants is something that is comfortable and pain free. These special types of pillows completely fit the demands of every house owners. The designers of these pillows put a lot of thought in making these pillows completely comfortable as well as elegant to see. These pillows can easily turn an average looking bed to something bright. They complement each and every type of color scheme and settings. Adding these pillows to your room will give a very unique look and you will notice a very visible change in the overall appearance of your room.

The use of the bamboo fibers, lycra and polyester are of extremely high quality and matches the standards of the United States. Moreover, there are not side effects at all when it comes to using this pillow every night. All the ingredients are used in equal quantity to make the comfortable. The designer tries their best to improve all the bedding items in order to make sure that everyone gets perfect thing in their house. These pillows are the proof of excellent work done by the designers.

3. Natures Pillows 20" x 15" Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow

To give unique comfort, softer touch and natural feeling is the main motive behind designing buckwheat pillow. A lot of research was done before the designing of these pillows. The designer wanted to launch something that could help cure the neck pain which is very common these days. The designers decided to use husk which is specially processed instead of using typical foam. The husk give make them extra firm and also give very nice resistance to the pressure.

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There is no use of any type of chemical in these pillows as natural products are used as one of the main ingredients of these pillows. For people who have sensitive skin or have some type of allergies can use this pillow as they have nothing artificial in them. The use of natural product in them is one of the reasons these pillows allow everyone to sleep for as long as they want to. For people who suffer from neck pain, these pillows are worth trying.

If you are looking for the solid support then these pillows should be your pick because the use of husk in them makes them stiff and they do not change their shape all night. There is a zip at one of the ends of this pillow which allows you to adjust the stiffness as per your need. The amazing characteristics of these pillows are the reason that they make perfect choice for the people having head, back and neck pains. The orthopedics all over the world also recommends the use of this pillow as they do not go flat no matter how long you sleep.

While you are looking for the best piece of pillow, make sure that you pick the one that will stay with you for a long period of time as you do not want to waste handful of money for few years. These pillows are made in such a unique way and using high quality ingredients that they have the tendency of lasting for a very long period of time. The husk that is the main part of this pillow happens to be very strong as compare to other synthetic material that is used in them. the multiple layers of fabric used in these pillows make them very strong. Their durability is the reason that these pillows have a long warranty as the designers are sure that won’t lose their uniqueness and qualities for a long period of time.

 The husk when is used as a stuffing for a pillow has the ability of creating a lot of air spaces in it. The air spaces are the reasons these pillows offer extra breathability which is very important for the skin and makes you enjoy your sleep. These pillows are best when it comes to getting coolness during warm nights. It is recommended to the users of this pillow to lower their room temperature and to adjust the pressure of their pillow.

The buckwheat pillow is generating a lot of positive reviews from people. It is gradually winning people’s heart and gaining more and more exposure. The buckwheat pillow comes in different sizes with the aim of addressing the specific needs of different people – children, adolescents, young and old adults. Parents with young sensitive children are overly satisfied with their experiences with the buckwheat pillow as the pillow addresses their children’s sleep needs. To pregnant women, this pillow is simply irresistible, comforting and good enough to support their head, shoulder and also belly.

The designers of this pillow had your interest at heart while designing the pillow. They want you to have the most satisfying encounter with it and get right back to them with stories of how good the buckwheat pillow is and how well it is working for you. You are also welcomed to make suggestions on how to improve the buckwheat pillow to serve you better in future. So if you are thinking of how to improve the sleeping experience of your family or friends, think buckwheat. Buckwheat will make a perfect gift item for someone with certain health conditions and needs to spend plenty of time in bed.

4. Good Life Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Pillow with Stay Cool Bamboo Cover

This is another pillow that the manufacturers at Good Life came up with in order to give you that quality relaxation that you deserve. After a long day at work, you do not need anything in short of pure relaxation to put you in a great position to be up and doing the next work day. For people that are recuperating from an illness, this is also great for them. It has no ozone depleters and no organic compounds; it is pure natural all the way, very helpful in environmental advancement. Good for both young and old alike. So, if you want to get value for your money and comfort, then Shredded Memory Foam Pillow With stay Cool Bamboo cover is a great option for you.

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In making this pillow, the manufacturers too extra caution in selecting the best materials, and fashioned it out in a way that it will support your neck in alignment to your shoulder and spine. Does it depress? Yes; but only to a constant level of absolute comfort. Constant because, at that level is maintained all through the time you have to use the pillow. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow With stay Cool Bamboo cover does not perform differently regarding different weight of different users.

It naturally lets air pass through it keeping the neck, head and shoulder free from unnecessary perspiration. It has beautiful appearance which comes indifferent colors, patterns, and sizes suitable for beds of all sizes. Interior décor experts would find this pillow handy for any types of decoration they want to do – homes, hotels, restaurants, guest houses, etc. both indoors and outdoors decorations will turn out great with an additional Shredded Memory Foam Pillow With stay Cool Bamboo cover. Is addresses the need of different people – couples looking at having a great time in bed, very tired people looking at getting the best out of their sleep time, recuperating patients looking at getting well soon, and the elderly. The experience is always the same; blissful and ecstatic.

How durable is this pillow you may ask. Can you comfortably use it any how you wish; for pillow plays and fights, without concerns? The answer to that question is YES. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow With stay Cool Bamboo cover is made from materials that will ensure resistance to roughness and total comfort. It has guarantee and warranty covers, so you need not bother much in the case of unexpected damage, which is very unlikely by the way. The materials do not easily attract dirt and is easy to wash/maintain. There is also a return period where you can test the pillow and return it, just in case you do not like the pillow.

5. Sleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour

This is unlike any other pillow you have seen, in a positive way. It is countered, it has distinct neck bolster on the side aimed at giving a high and constant level of support all through your sleep. To side sleepers, this is simply irresistible. Sleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour give side sleepers that extra support they need to align their head, neck, shoulders, and spine in the right, natural, and comfortable position. The contouring, the neck bolsters, the extra anchorage; it is really the perfect thing for side sleepers and all pillow lovers. Even hugging the pillow gives you a sense of relaxation.

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To ensure the irresistible combination of extra firmness and extra softness, Sleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour pillow is made from pretested polyester. If you do not know, polyester is a quality and costly material. It is strong, durable, and is ideal because you will be getting a really great value for your money if you buy and use it. Polyester is a synthetic material that has been pretested and redefined in a way that it is friendly to the skin and brings comfort to your sleep.

You will be saving yourself from a lot of stress by purchasing and using Sleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour pillow. There are a lot of annoying things a bad pillow can do to you. It stresses your breathing, it does not balance your head and shoulders to your body and spines, it holds unto sweat because it does not allow free flow of air through it, and it will continuously disturb the quality of sleep you get. Sleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour will let free flow of air through the foam, grants you comfort, and will not disturb your breathing both through your nose and through your skin (Yes, the skin breathes, most especially at night when we are asleep).

The manufacturers ofSleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour pillow went some extra mile to add some relaxing effects to this special pillow, in the way of including some green tea in the pillow. This is particularly good for people who might be finding it difficult to sleep as a result of some sort of sleep disorder. Green tea has a beautiful, gentle, and soothing fragrance to your environment and makes you fall asleep almost as soon as you hit the pillow. If green tea fragrance does not appeal to you, you can use whatever fragrance you like; it will still give you the same effect.

MaintainSleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour is as easy as it can be. It is easy to wash and does not easily attract dirt. In addition to that, it has an outer cover which you can simply remove and wash whenever the need arises. You can wash the outer cover as often as you like but not the inner cover; it is already protected by the outer cover and most definitely will take time before it will need a wash.

If you useSleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour pillow, it automatically changes the mood of your environment. It comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes, depending on what you want. It can be used in children’s room to give that warm welcoming/playful environment that children love so much. It makes the room homely enough for the children to get lively in. On the other hand, if you use the pillow in the children’s bedroom, it makes them get that feeling of relaxation and sense of comfort Very relaxing is it to their psychology and body that it gets them to sleep before you know it. This is also the very same effect it will have on adults. Side sleepers need this Sleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour pillow more than they can imagine. If you are a side sleeper, a trial will convince you. The same also applies to people with neck injury or posture defect.

It does not matter the surface on which you sleep. On the floor, on the couch, etc.; using a Sleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour pillow will guarantee you hitch free rest, although, it is very important that you use the right pillow size. The larger sizes is just perfect for sleeping on “not so comfortable” surfaces as it is large enough to support the part of your body that needs to be supported the most.

The designers are committed to giving you the best experience you can ever have in the course of using Sleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour pillow. They made provision for an efficient customer care service where you can make your suggestions on how to improve their services they offer to you. There is also a 3o day trial period where the buyer is allowed to try the pillow in order to ascertain the suitability of the pillow. If it is good enough, then the buyer gets to keep it, if not, he or she is allowed to return the pillow and get full refund. There is also a 5 year relationship the buyer will experience with the manufacturers as warranty. This shows the level of commitment the manufacturers have towards giving the best.

6. Mediflow original water base pillow

Mediflow designers are top designers that incorporate the use of advanced technology in the production of their pillows in order to give their customers great value for money. They are also ever willing to keep researching, finding new and better ways to bring you a perfect lifestyle through their use of their pillow. That is how the Mediflow designers came up with the Mediflow original water base pillow. Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like bathing but you do not want to get wet? You just want to enjoy the comfort that comes with taking a shower or being in water but you want your clothes on and you want to stay dry. That is what it feels like to use the Mediflow original water base pillow. That is not all the feeling you will get from this water based pillow. There is also the feeling of relaxation you get when floating on a heated plunge bath. Yeah, right? 

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Now this comfort water based pillow will never loose shape or density. When you place your head on it, the weight of head comfortably displaces it allowing that soothing displacement that leaves you head in the right position. It is usually of great relief to people suffering from back pain, neck pain, or spinal cord injury.

The pillow is designed in a way to bring about extra comfort with strength. It has three layers; the inner layer is a water filled chamber, the second layer is made of soft quality foam, and the third layer is cotton. These three layers are great for perfect placement, comfort, and that relaxing bath feeling that only water can give you.

In addition to all the wonderful properties this pillow has to offer, it also has a typically easy to maintain characteristic. The water is drainable, so you can change it as often as you wish; the pillow is also machine washable. Also, this water based pillow is one pillow that has been verified to be so healthy for its users that it adds to their life span (i.e. all things being equal). Medical experts advised that it is healthy to sleep in a cool environment of about 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is very easy for you to get using Mediflow original water base pillow, keeping the body temperature at a very comfortable level. There isn’t anything like sweating or odor problem with this pillow which is the best part.

This pillow can be used in different environments to soot different needs, both indoors and outdoors. It is particularly good when you have to sleep outdoors in a warm weather. It can also be used by people of different age grade. Mediflow original water base pillow is made of natural raw material that are friendly and soothing to the skin.Some pillows contain heavy metals, fire retardants or formaldehyde which can trigger allergy to sensitive skins, but the Mediflow original water base pillow is made of natural material from inside out such that it does not arouse any problems like allergies. No matter how you handle it, it does not make any sound.

The appearance of this pillow adds a cute touch of décor to any environment where it is found. It cover is decoratively made of pure cotton with has a cute seamless embroidery. It comes in a wide range of colors to suit your bed sheets and other items in your house, hotel, restaurant, or any other place where you want it. Mediflow designers created Mediflow original water base pillow for comfort, durability, and to trigger a special relationship between the user, the pillow, and the manufacturers of the pillow.

7. Ashley Roberts Sleep Systems Elegante Memory Foam Sculptured and Ventilated Pillow

Like we already know, most of us are side sleepers. When we sleep, we toss and turn and in most cases, we end up in a side sleeper position. Now this position needs some extra support for the sake a proper respiration, posture, and comfort. When sleeping on your side, there is a space between your head and your shoulder which must be comfortably filled out if you must enjoy your sleep. Ashley Roberts Sleep Systems Elegante Memory Foam Sculptured and Ventilated Pillow is specifically designed to address this need. When sleeping on your side with Ashley Roberts Sleep Systems Elegante Memory Foam Sculptured and Ventilated Pillow, your body automatically adopts a position suitable for your head, shoulder and neck, all in alignment with your spine.

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In making the Ashley Roberts Sleep Systems Elegante Memory Foam Sculptured and Ventilated Pillow, manufacturers used the best quality materials. These materials are double checked for any sort of discomfort or allergy trigger. They are very soothing to the skin, and at the same time provide that special support side sleepers need to have a memorable sleep time every night. It has that firmness needed to keep your head in place, as well as a soft-touch to it to keep your head, neck and shoulders relaxed as you sleep.

This pillow is also very good for pregnant women, and as you knows, anything that is good enough for pregnamt women in their condition, is nothing but exceptional for others who are not pregnant; ladies and gentlemen alike. It helps pregnant women get support for their head, neck, shoulders, and (most importantly) their stomach. Just like the name suggests, it is a ventilated pillow. It does not hold onto sweat. It allows for a free and natural flow of fresh air while you sleep.

This pillow is good for the regular side sleepers, and also for professionals in the field of health and decoration. The health practitioners recommend this pillow owing to its ability to keep us in good health conditions, and also to help people with certain kind of ailment get comfortable rest in the process of getting better. If you have back pain, neck pain or pressure, be less assured that over time, the use of this pillow will lessen these pains and pressure. It is also a good way of redefining one’s posture. If your aim of using this pillow is for pains or posture adjustment, you are advised to be consistent with it and over time, you will notice a good improvement. Professionals in the field of decoration make use of this pillow, not only in making their work stand out, but also to give their client the best service there is to give regarding their health and comfort. Therefore, good decorators that go out of their way to please their clients, keeps in mind the health of their client as well as how beautiful and unique their work turn out.

The manufacturers at Ashley Robert did a great job in the creation of this pillow seeing that they went some extra mile to ensure that the users get absolute satisfaction such that they are prompted to refer the Ashley Roberts Sleep Systems Elegante Memory Foam Sculptured and Ventilated Pillow to their friends and family, ensuring wider service coverage.

Ashley Roberts Sleep Systems Elegante Memory Foam Sculptured and Ventilated Pillow is very easy to clean. It has a removable cover which you can wash in your machine seeing that it is machine washable. Cleaning the pillow should not be a frequent task as it does not easily attract dust or hold sweat.

So, when you need to get a gift for loved ones, think of Ashley Roberts Sleep Systems Elegante Memory Foam Sculptured and Ventilated Pillow, and they will forever remain grateful to you. It is a great gift item. If you need super comfort in your sleep, get an Ashley Roberts Sleep Systems Elegante Memory Foam Sculptured and Ventilated Pillow for yourself, if you are recuperating from an ailment or maybe you know someone that is recuperating from a sickness, this pillow is a great option for all that time that has to be spent in bed. Also, people with neck pains, shoulder pains, back ache, or probably general body ache, Ashley Roberts Sleep Systems Elegante Memory Foam Sculptured and Ventilated Pillow is your number one option.

8. Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber-Filled Pillows, Standard

By focusing on their quality and then maintaining it for years, Dream Sleep has managed to keep up their name for a long period of time. They have amazing quality of designs and this pillow is the proof of their amazing quality. This pillow is perfect for the side sleepers. Not only side sleepers find them amazing but people who suffer from neck pain find them pretty comfortable. Due to their extensive research Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber Filled Pillows, Standard are now found in everyone’s bedroom.

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Dream Sleep is in market for a very long period of time and through all these years, they have managed to maintain their name. This pillow has an amazing height which is completely comfortable for all type of people. The height allows your head to stay in level with the spine which brings in right comfort to the body. The tiny delicate bones of the neck stay in the natural position and it allows spine to relax. In order to provide extra comfort to the sleepers, the company sells these pillows in doubles in order to make sure that people that have broad shoulders can rest as much as they want. This pillow is perfect for giving ideal support to all types of sleepers.

Since the launch of this pillow, it has become an important part of everyone’s life as it offers good health, satisfaction and relaxation. Despite being high in height, the material used in this pillow plays an important role in order to increase the softness as well as adds extra strength. Processed cotton is used as the cover of this pillow which is the key to the soothing effect that you can feel on your skin. The cover also last for a long time which makes this pillow extremely durable. Combining two pillows will for sure bring all the necessary strength which is important to support the body weight.

The decision to use the Gel Fiber as the filling of this pillow was made to increase relaxation level of the user of this pillow. The Gel Fiber is not as durable as other materials which are used as filling of the pillows such as wheat grain or foam; however, it gives firmer feel and more relaxation. The side sleeper will get right support on the neck, head as well as shoulder which requires maximum support. The gel works like fluid which gives full support to the neck from all sides. For pregnant women who find it difficult to sleep due to extra added pressure on the neck and belly, finds this pillow very soothing. They adjust one end of the pillow under their head while the other end goes right under their belly which provides comfort to mother and baby.

It is very easy to remove the top cover of this pillow and clean it once in a while. Bedroom usually is that place of the house which does not catch dirt very easily, so the pillow cover rarely needs any type of cleaning. However, people who use this pillow while traveling or at outdoor locations, should clean them every now and then. However, as mentioned above, the cleaning of this pillow’s cover is an easy thing to do. The stitches as well as seams of this pillow are extremely strong, which is way cleaning them again and again won’t do any harm at all.

Another amazing thing about this pillow is that it has very unique style and brings elegance to your entire room. It doesn’t matter if you have single, double or queen sized bed, this amazing pillow can compliment your entire room. For people who love to have bright color scheme in their bedroom, these pillows are their best option. However, if you are more into dull colors then it will compliment it as well. To get more relaxing effect, it is important to use your bedroom for sleep and resting. Do not turn it into a games or TV lounge for everyone.

The main aim behind the launch of this pillow was to give a unique comfort level and attachment to the people. The company did not leave any stone unturned to make this pillow a complete and perfect masterpiece that would grab the attention of everyone who visits your bedroom.

Starting from the design to the selection of the material, each and everything about this pillow is just perfect. These pillows come in set so that everyone can enjoy with their partners. Moreover, the price of the pillow is kept reasonable in order to make sure that more and more people can get hold of this pillow and can enjoy comfortable sleep.

9. Down alternative Right Choice Bedding's pillow

When it comes getting peaceful sleep with pain relief therapy, Down-alternative Right Choice Bedding’s Pillow are what you need. They are the best answer to the value of money you spend for the comfort of your sleep. These pillows were made after conducting an in-detail research and are a total justice to the hard work done on them. 

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Be it design of this pillow or the material selection, the researchers has given attention to each and everything. The uniqueness of this pillow gives very subtle look to your bedroom. It can even redefine the entire look of your bedroom with its amazing features.

There is no doubt that this pillow is recommended by users as well as medical professionals due to the level of comfort it offers to everyone. The reason behind the high recommendations for this pillows is due to neck and shoulder support it offers to everyone especially people sleep on their side. The medical professionals even call this pillow a therapy to solve the pain and sleeping issues. People who find it difficult to sleep fast at night should give this pillow a try as it offers easy to fall asleep qualities to everyone. it prevents from causing any type of pain in your back, neck or shoulder. Moreover, it cures all types of pain that you are already suffering from.

Microfibers are used in these pillows to provide right support to the users of these pillows. The microfibers have the ability to take different shapes as per the sleeping positions of the user. There is no need to adjust your pillow every time you turn. This self adjusting pillow will do adjust its position for you. They also give a lot of support to the neck and bring in line with the spine. The alignment of the spine and neck is very important for the perfect sleep. Moreover it is also key to avoid all types of pains that are usually caused by the bad sleeping postures.

It is very important that your skin should breathe while you sleep. This pillow is made up of natural material which is important for the skin to breathe the entire time while you are sleeping. You do not have to worry about any type of allergy at all. While working on the production of this pillow, the researchers made sure to check if it is allergy free or not. These pillows are completely allergy free and are suitable for all types of skins. They have right amount of firmness in them which is extremely important to get better sleep.

10. Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

The side sleepers might want to end their search for finding a perfect pillow after they have got their hands on this amazing piece. Sleep better is the best pillow that anyone can ever ask for. Taking recommendations from the experts of this field, these pillows are a masterpiece. To make them flawless, different test session were done to check durability and comfort level of this pillow. Tiny bit flaws were checked in detailed and were removed from the scratch. The main idea behind the design of this pillow is to give people perfect sleep all night. It is important for everyone to get uninterrupted sleep all night so that they can perform better next day.

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A lot of research was done for the material of this pillow. The designers wanted to give it complete support, extra strength and a touch of class. This is the reason that pure cotton was used as the outer cover of this pillow. To make it strong enough to stay with you for a long time, double stitches were used. The double stitches make it easy for the pillow to bear extra pressure and to give more support. The overall look of this pillow makes it extra appealing and brings the touch of elegance to your bedroom.

The use of pure cotton brings the extra soothing effect on the skin which helps to fall asleep quickly. This is the reason that this pillow is recommended to people who take a while to fall asleep or have a minor form of insomnia. The material used in this pillow is the reason behind the soothing effects it creates. The use of memory foam and cotton is done to make sure this pillow star allergic free.

When a side sleeper relaxes lie on this pillow, the cover provides a soothing feeling that makes.

The human skin is unique and needs special care, which is Sleep Better pillow’s soothing effect, is extremely healthy for the skin. It lets the skin to breath even at night. The material allows the air to move in and out, which helps the skin to breathe all the time. This is the reason that these pillows are considered to be extremely unique. They do not develop or cause any type of odor which is uncomfortable for the sleepers. Even if you are sleeping outdoors, these pillows are the perfect choice.

Sleep Better guarantees total support as well as pain relief effect before the release of this pillow. The material used in this pillow is the reason that they will last longer than your typical pillow which might cost same amount of money. These pillows are right choice for the side sleepers due to a lot of reasons. They offer full support to your neck, your back, your shoulder and even your spine. So, there is no way that you will feel any type of pain in these parts of your body. They not only cause relief but they are also very effective to get over any type of pain that may have in your body. A lot of people think these pillows like a therapy which they are giving to their body. The back sleepers, however, might not find these pillows very relaxing as they have firmness in them.

These pillows come with warranty as the company knows that there are near to null chances that their product will get old or lose its uniqueness. They continue to offer relief and relaxation to their users for a lot of years.

What is a good sleep

It is an established fact that as human beings sleep is undeniably very important in life; but there is more to sleep than just “sleeping”. Here are some factors that determine how good your sleep can be;

  • If you can help it, do not sleep on just any surface. Sleep on a good mattress, not too strong and not too soft.
  • Sleep in a position that is comfortable and peculiar to you.
  • Rest your head on a pillow. This will create a more comfortable position.

For the purpose of this article, concentration will be based on pillows, and their effects, specifically on side sleepers.

There are three major sleeping positions that one might take up in the course of sleeping; but of all the sleeping positions you take up while asleep, majority of them are derived from side sleepers. This is not good news for some people – the ones who has formed a habit of sleeping on their sides because it has some major disadvantages. It will hastens your aging as a result of gravity – skin sagged in the sideways direction, plus, the development of uglywrinkles. Habitually sleeping on your side will affect blood circulation to your shoulders, arms, and can cause major health problems for you in the near future. Sleeping on your side is not totally bad; it positions your spine curve the right and natural way, and it can also be comfortable. It only gets bad if you habitually sleep like that at all time.

It has been mentioned earlier that using a pillow adds to your comfort while asleep, side sleepers need pillows more than they think because without them, the distance between your head and body will be awkwardly rested and can lead to health problems and we do not want that. Now that you know how important pillows are to our sleep and our health, the next thing to do is to know what pillow type to use (yes, pillows are of different types) and how it will benefit you.

How do you know if your pillow is right for you?

There are some signs that usually indicate that your pillow (or sleeping position in some cases) is not right for you. For instance, if you particularly wake up with crimps on your face, or other parts of your body, you might be having a pillow problem. You might have pains in places like your shoulder, your neck, and joints. Generally, discomfort while asleep or even after waking up from sleep are caused by using the wrong pillows.

The side sleepers pillow

There are many side pillows in the market today. This is owing to the fact that majority of the world’s populace are side sleepers. The side sleeper’s pillow is firm and meant to take up the space between your head and your shoulder. It helps you to evenly adjust your weight while asleep which may result to an unnatural posture. Sleeping with the right pillow guards the position of your spine too. Pillow is something very important that you need to avoid long sleepless nights. A bad pillow not only causes sleepless nights but they are also the main reason behind having back and neck pains. Everyone can find a good pillow for themselves but the side sleepers are the one that goes through a lot of hassle as the pillow should raise their heads in order to keep it perfectly in-line with spine.


The bottom line is that it is very important that you should choose the perfect type of pillow for yourself. You do not want to risk your sleep at any cost which is why you need to do little bit research and pick the perfect pillow for you. Looking at the information given above, it should not be hard for you to make the right choice while you are in the market.

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