Save $20 on the Energy-Monitoring Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

If you have ever wondered how much power is being used by various electronics and appliances that you are using, Belkin’s WeMo Insight Switch can be useful for you. It monitors your energy usage and even has the ability to switch your devices on or off from almost anywhere.

Practically, there is almost no difference between the Insight Switch and the standard Belkin WeMo switch. All you have to do is to plug it between a power outlet and any appliance of your choice and using your smartphone or Amazon Echo you can turn it on or off. You can also create automatic schedules for your appliances and electronics. The only difference is that Insight is able to monitor the energy usage of your device and can calculate how much it would cost you on your electricity or power bill. Many of you might be expecting that it could pay for itself, actually it does not but it surely make you more watchful of your power consumption and what’s going to come in our monthly bill.

The price for Insight at Amazon today is just $40 while the standard WeMo switch would cost you $20 more. It cannot be said that how long will this deal remain though, so order now and become an efficient consumer and save power.

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