Nissan’s Titan Warrior is a battle-ready desert racer that can conquer the daily commute

Desert racing and on road driving are two entirely different automotive forms and seeing them together on roads is quite rare. That’s because unifying both would be like combining UFC and your daily office routine. One is an engaging and unique endeavor while the other is monotonous and imperative. Keeping this in view it does not make enough sense to combine both.

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Thanks to Nissan, we will be able to experience both automotive forms in one drive. The American design team of the Japanese automaker has took on the task to merge both and as a result the Titan Warrior concept has emerged. The Nissan Titan Warrior does not involve imbrued W-9s, but it does have carbon fiber spoilers and the 37-inch knobby tires.

Actually, there is a lot more to it. So let’s pay attention to that.

As mentioned above, the inspiration behind Titan warrior were the desert racing trucks of the brand. However, the ancient Greek Warriors from the mythologies are also an inspiration. Somehow the exact reason behind this has not been revealed by Nissan. Regardless of the logic behind it, it must be said that this vehicle is quite impressive when it comes to the looks.

Covered in “Thunder” paint and intensified by “Magma” accents, this beast stand three inches taller and is six inches wider as compared to the standard Titan, thanks to the sturdy and capable suspensions and the aforementioned 37-inch knobbies.

Beneath the well-vented hood of the Titan is a turbocharged 5.0-liter V8 Cummins diesel engine which is conjugated with a 6-speed automatic transmission. However in the front of the hood, the designers have put in meaner-looking headlights, moreover a custom bumper then curves into the underbody with the purpose to protect the underneath of the vehicle from the bumps and rocks.

The same styled functional design then continues with the rear of the vehicle, where there rear bumper has the quad-tipped exhaust melded into it. And just as the front, the rear also has customs LEDs with the purpose of extra illumination on dirt tracks.
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