Important Garage Tips That Will Help Maintain Your Car

For the newbie, vehicle maintenance may seem like an activity of only the mechanics. The thought of car maintenance immediately makes you think of the mechanic as you can't imagine how daunting it is to maintain, service or repair your car. However, it is important to realize that there are some checks you can always carry on by yourself. As long as you have the necessary garage tips, you don’t always have to call a mechanic to do what you can handle with a lot of ease. Below are some few garage tips you can use to maintain the value of your vehicle.

Keep your Vehicle in the Garage

Many people have garages but have instead turned them into collection centers where all the staff apart from the car is kept. Those who are keen must have noticed that vehicles that are always packed in the garage often retain their value for longer. This is because in the garage, your vehicle is kept free from the harsh weather elements such as direct UV rays from the sun, cold, heat, snowstorms, driving rain, wind and hail, all of which may prove hazardous to your car. In addition, they are also kept safe from debris and branches among other things that may fall from nearby trees etc.

Don’t Smoke in the Vehicle

This may seem as if to deny you some freedom but when it comes to that time when you want to sell the car, you will realize how costly it was to smoke in the car. In addition to getting the smell of impacted ashtray (which can easily be cleared with upholstery cleaning services anyway), cigarette smoke dulls the interior of the car to the extent that it turns yellowish-brown. And since only 22% of the population is smokers, be sure that 78% will be offended by the smell and appearance of your car.

Clean up Upholstery & Carpet Stains as Soon as Possible

If you thought that garage tips are only in reference to the engine, wait until the upholstery of your interiors are messed up and you will find yourself in the garage. Though car interiors have generally been designed in such a manner as to resist stains, the resistance is only practical when spills are cleaned immediately they occur lest they become permanent stains.

Regularly Change the Oil

This is one of the most cost-effective single maintenance steps that anyone can perform on their car. Engine oils are relatively inexpensive, averagely costing between $30 and $50 per change if you do it yourself. If you engage a mechanic, it may cost you double this amount or even more in the high-end garages.

Tyre Maintenance & Changing

Once it dawns on you that the tyres are the only points of contact between your car and the road, you will give then the maximum attention they require.Check out for some of the best spark plugs. Regularly checking the tyre pressure, tyre condition and tread depth doesn’t need the help of a certified mechanic. If not sure, you can learn how to change a tyre or when to change a tyre. Your car’s basic toolkit should at least contain a wheel removal tool and a jack that you can use to replace your tyre.

Windscreen, Screen Wash, and Wipers

If not properly maintained, visibility while driving will greatly be affected. Ensure that you regularly top up the screen wash, even during the warmer months. While topping up the wash, check the windscreen for any stone damage as these have the potential of eventually causing the windscreen to either crack or even shatter upon just a minor impact.

And for the wipers, optimum performance is realized when you change them at least once every year. If the wipers have however started smearing, don’t wait until the end of the year. Smearing means that the wipers are worn up and you need to consider changing them. This is yet another easy maintenance tip that you don’t need a mechanic for. You can change the wipers by yourself.

Check & Replace the Lights

It is very common for car owners to drive their cars down to the garage just for the car light bulbs to be replaced. If you discover how easy it is to replace these bulbs, you won't want to imagine the time, fuel and service fees wasted to carry out such an easy maintenance operation. To know how to replace the head light bulbs, Read Here

Keep Your Garage Warm

During cold weather, you really want your garage to be warm for two main reasons. First, there is no reason for your car to be packed in the garage if it can still experience the same snow effects felt by vehicles parked outside. You want your car to be warm so that you can find the interiors warm when you want to use the car, and the engine also has to be kept warm lest it becomes a tall order to start the car. Secondly, it is very obvious that when and if the garage is too cold, you won't be psyched up to carry out the simple maintenance practices that you routinely carry out. Check out Here for some of the best garage heaters.

Investigate and Contact a Mechanic

An investigation is also something that you can do yourself even if you aren’t able to handle the problem. Any unusual engine noises should be investigated and subjected to repair. As soon as you notice any anomalies, ensure they are checked out as any procrastination may transition a crack to a hole and ultimately the falling of a wall.

In Conclusion

There are some other maintenance practices that you can either carry out yourself or call upon the services of a specialist. These include the protection of vinyl surfaces and regular waxing of the car. Car garage tips are not only about the car’s engine but the entire car as a complete unit. Start learning today, on how to maintain the value of your car for the longest duration possible.


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